08 July 2014

Vacation 2014

We have returned from a wonderful vacation. The children are old enough to be tolerable on a long car ride and understand that even though we are taking forever, we will end up somewhere. Of course, there is never a dull moment when my family all ends up at the same place at the same time! We used the navigation on our iphones to get us to most places during this trip. Chad and I are known to talk back to Siri when she tells us which way to turn. At one point on the trip, Siri told us to turn and Drake yelled back at her, "We already turned Stacy!" So now we have renamed her!
 Cousin love.
 Our first night was a stopping point in a small Missouri town. We had extra energy to burn and so we found this park to play in for a bit. It was chilly!

 Summer pedis!
 Our first destination was Pomme de Terre lake in Missouri. It was gorgeous! Drake just wanted to ride a boat!
 No sand here, only rocky shores!

 The Bryant Carter Band was performing here, at the Harbor, and we thoroughly enjoyed their show!

 We slept in our tent most nights!
 The view up Granny's road!
 The guys couldn't lounge the whole time, Granny had work for them to do.
 Nothing better than an afternoon ride in a lawn mower cart. :)
 We love Granny!

 On the way home we stopped at Ramada in St. Joseph, Missouri. They have an awesome indoor water part. The kids are asking how soon we can go back! There was a really tall water slide that after you got to the top of 60 steps you arrived at the top. Calla LOVED it!

 This boy was content just laying in the tube on the Lazy River!

 We also spent a few hours in Nebraska City at the Treehouse Adventure at Arbor Day Farm.

So blessed to have these people to love!

10 November 2013

Concert and Museum

We had a great time at the Bryant Carter Band concert and the Children's Museum!

01 November 2013

Halloween 2013

We had a LalaLoopsy and a race car driver this year. D was not feeling well so he and I retired early to snuggle and watch tv. Calla had a blast going around with her cousin. We started out our evening with a special Halloween supper, Calla so looks forward to that part. :)

A long time gone

 Finally an update of pictures! Just a few of the things that we have done since July!