30 November 2009

Monday already!?!?!

Whew! What a weekend! We started out with a game at the 'hockey house' on Wednesday night and had a great time. We have only been to one other game this year so it was exciting to go again.

Thursday morning, Uncle Jeddy was here bright and early to celebrate Thanksgiving. The rest of the family was on their way to Missouri and so he decided to spend some time with us. Jersey also got to come along for the ride and Calla was excited! She had been telling me for 2 days that "Jersey lick my hand and I say No, No Jersey! We don't lick!" Well, when they arrived Jersey came in the house and Calla about crawled up Chad's leg so that Jersey did not get her! We had a great day eating and hanging out. That night Calla and I decided to make a rainbow cake. It had really cool looking colors in it, I just wish it would not have stuck to the pan so bad. We can't wait to try again soon!

On Friday, Calla and I decided to decorate for Christmas. We have one tree in her room and then the rest are in the living room. She decorated her tree by herself and it looks great! We also did some shopping that afternoon and were surprised that there were hardly any lines to wait in!

The rest of the weekend we just did our normal weekend activities. We played games with friends, did laundry, took naps, and watched some football.
Last night we celebrated Thanksgiving with Chad's family. Calla had a wonderful time playing with her cousins on that side!

She would only stand on this side of Jed so Jersey could not lick her!

She loved to ride this pony and show Uncle Jeddy all the things it could do!

She is ready to make a cake!

These are the three colors we used. They looked so great when baked!

Here is Calla's version of the "Cinderella Song!"

23 November 2009

Disney on Ice!

This past weekend we were lucky enough to go see Disney on Ice with our friends Amber, Andy, and Elly! This year it was all about Princesses and Calla loves princesses! We did not tell Calla that we were going to see the show, but we just told her that we were going to the hockey house to see Elly. When we walked in she was looking around and said "Jasmine is at the hockey house! Burly likes Jasmine!!"

Jasmine, Ariel, Mulan, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Belle, and of course Cinderella were all featured. Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy all made an appearance as well. When Mickey and Minnie came out, Elly was waving at them and smiling and Calla was yelling "I LOVE HER!! I LOVE MY MINNIE! I LOVE HER!!!"

Calla likes Jasmine some because Burlynn loves Jasmine, but Calla REALLY likes "Cindebrella!!" The first half of the show was all about the 6 princesses, but then the whole 2nd hour was Cinderella! At intermission, Calla was ready to go because "Cindebrella is not here mom!" I convinced her that Cinderella just takes longer to get ready and indeed she would be there. She did enjoy seeing Cinderella and even got a cool cup to bring home!

She was so excited before just to be hanging out with Elly again!

We still have a few pumpkins around and she really wanted a picture with her little pumpkin.

Calla and Mommy at the show!

Calla and Elly ready to see the princesses!

Little Mermaid: The special effects were amazing during this!

Cinderella in her ride to the ball!

Calla just staring at the show!

The ending number with the fireworks. Calla really enjoyed them!

She wanted to suck my thumb so I ask to try hers!

01 November 2009

Happy Halloween!

Calla spent 3 days celebrating her current favorite holiday! On Thursday, we went downtown to trick-or-treat to the local businesses. On Friday, Calla got to celebrate at daycare with her friends. Then this weekend we went to Deshler to celebrate. My mom and I hosted a baby shower for my best friend Stephanie. She is expecting her first child in December! Then we got to go trick-or-treating with Uncle Shane and B! We had lots of fun and can't wait to see them all again!

Calla Minne Mouse!

This is her gallon sized bag of candy that she collected over the 3 days!

Calla Minnie Mouse and Burlynn Cinderella!

The girls with Uncle Jed Stand Up Comedian and Uncle Shane from Saw!

This morning we got to go feed the ponies some apples!

Papa and his girls!