25 June 2010

Update on our life

Calla's first kite flying experience!

Helping Daddy fly the kite.

At the Duck Race! She was SO EXCITED!

The Duck Wranglers!

The Ducks...there were over 10,000 of them! Quite a site!

Mom and Calla going to church!

The rainbow on Tuesday evening. We could see the whole thing!

At daycare, Calla was having a Circus Party and the kids were supposed to dress up for the circus. Calla chose to be Dorothy...complete with ruby red slippers and a dog (or 2!) in a basket! She was so excited and talked about this the entire week!

Memorial Day Weekend

The living room fort

Pool play!

Watching the swan eat the bread crumbs

Children's Museum

15 June 2010

Flower Girls

Burlynn and Calla were the Flower Girls in my cousin's wedding over the weekend! Calla loved Granny Carolyn and Papa Roy and for some reason I took zero pics of them together. :( From the moment we arrived she was loving up on them.

The girls did a great job and I will let you take a look at the pics to see for yourself!
This is the "stage" at Granny Carolyn and Papa Roy's house. They were "shaking their booties!"

Learning what to do!

Sitting with Papa Bryan before the wedding.

Uncle Jeddy and his girls!

Calla and Brianne, the bride!

This is what two, tired girls look like the evening of the wedding day!

And a belly picture because I have not put any up here yet!

04 June 2010

Second Child

In case you missed the memo...
Our second child is about half-baked!
It is quite the acrobat as you can tell from the photo!