28 March 2011

Professional Pictures!

Wanted to share a few of our pictures we had done! I love them!!!! Our friend, Kent, at Plonkey Photography did them for us. Check him out on Facebook. Look for Plonkey Photography in Kearney.

I shared this pic of Calla when she was about the same age as Drake! How similar they look!

20 March 2011

It's only been a week!?!?!?

So as I sat down to write this, I was looking at my last post. One week ago I wrote about Chad and Calla in the snow. Today it was 72 degrees here and we played outside all afternoon! Also we look at all that has happened in only one week.
Sunday night was a long one with Drake. He was up quite a bit and seemed to be coming down with a cold. Monday morning he had a 100.6 temperature and so we decided we would split the day and keep him home. Since we had had RSV about a month ago we also decided we should call and get him in for an appointment. Chad sent me a text at 8:35 that said Drake had been crying for close to an hour and to get the first appointment available. I called in and had to wait for the nurse to call me back. She called me at 9:10 and we set an appointment for 9:30. By this time Drake had calmed down and went to sleep, but his breathing was really troubled. At the Dr.'s office they got right in and immediately were concerned with his breathing. They drew blood to check his white blood cell count, took a nose swab to check for RSV and Influenza, then did a chest x-ray to check for pneumonia. After all of this and an hour and a half later they decided it was a lung infection and he needed to go straight to the hospital. Chad was with him all this time and had sent me a few text updates. He called to tell me they were hospital bound and that I should finish class and then come. Well...I had 35 minutes of class left but I sure didn't stay. I told my para what was going on, talked to two fellow Christian friends at school asking for prayers, called my superintendent and made a beeline for the hospital. When I got there, Drake was having his oxygen monitor attached to his foot and laughing at the nurse. What a relief to walk in and see that!!
He had his vitals checked about every 1/2 hour and then about 3:00PM we started his breathing treatments with the respiratory therapist. We did them every 2 hours for the next 12 hours. His oxygen levels never got below 90 so he never had to be put on oxygen...Praise the Lord! Chad's parents willingly took Calla for the night and picked her up from daycare and spoiled her rotten and took her back Tuesday morning!
At 3:00 Tuesday afternoon we were told we could go and left the hospital about 10 minutes later...we were ready!
During the night, he screamed for over an hour. We just thought he was extra tired and because of the albuterol he could not sleep. At noon on Wednesday, he had a 103.2 temperature. We called and got him in to the Dr. at 1:30. While there, all of the same tests were repeated. It was finally decided he had pneumonia! Uggh! I thought we were going back to the hospital. Instead they gave him a shot and then a different antibiotic and continue the breathing treatments every 4 hours all at home.
He sound pretty good most of the time now, but when it is close to treatment time he gets kinda rattley!!
We have not given him cereal all week because we wanted to let him be for some parts of the day! We did give him sweet potatoes and bananas this weekend and he loved them both!

Hospital cage bed! He didn't use it because he slept with me in the normal bed.

The sweet nurse brought this to him Tuesday morning and he played for a while!

Calla in her "Patrick's day dress shirt!"

Chilling at home!

Sweet potatoes!

13 March 2011

Seven Years

Seven years ago today I married the most giving, informative, caring, geeky, loving, amazing guy in my world!
Seven years ago we were living in Lincoln, had jobs not careers, lived in an apartment, had lots of money to spend, could sleep and wake on our own schedules, had lots of time for friends, went out to eat, and watched T.V.
Today we live in Kearney, have careers we love, own our 2nd house, owe lots of $$ to daycare each week, have schedules dictated by a 4-year-old and a 5-month-old, very rarely see our friends, eat fast food if we eat out, and watch Bubble Guppies on DVR.
I would not change one single minute of this great 7 year ride we have been on. Things have not always been easy, but together we have made it through. Calla and Drake are just amazing additions to our family and we are so blessed that they were chosen for us!
I love you Chad!



Swimming & Sledding

Yesterday it was 55 degrees here. Chad worked in the garage doing some cleaning. Calla rode her tricycle around the driveway most of the day. Drake and I stayed inside because it just wasn't quite warm enough for him to be outside. At one point Calla came running inside, screaming, bawling, carrying on. I ran to the door to see if something tragic had happened. "Daddy said I can't swim in the garage!" Well Calla it is just a bit cold to swim outside. "I want to swim in the garage and it won't be cold in there." How about we swim in the bathtub?!?! "Yeah!!! Mommy's nicer than Daddy!" Pffffffffffft Daddy!!

Today it was 30 degrees here. We got close to 2 inches of snow this afternoon. Thanks to daylight savings time it was still really light outside at 6PM. Chad and Calla went out to build a snowman and go sledding. It was the best snow for a snowman and took very little effort to form the body. It was much harder trying to decide what to make her face from.

Five Months

Drake is 5 months old today! He weighs right at 15lbs. This week he started rolling over from back to front pretty consistently and screams when he gets to his stomach and can't figure out how to roll to his back again. If you let him get mad enough, he will roll back over, but we aren't mean parents like that. He loves to chew on everything. Cereal is his new favorite food, but still really enjoys his bottles. He is finally drinking 6oz at most feedings, but still wants to eat every 4 hours...round the clock. His eyes are really blue except for a nice brown fleck in his right eye. He adores Calla and all of her noisy antics. Of course he spends the most time with her and looks for her when he can't see her but just hear her voice. His jump-a-roo is a favorite toy at home now. Most nights he actually sleeps in his bed, swaddled, and not in the bouncy seat. He has been on more antibiotics in his life then Calla has been on in her 4 years. We hope that germ season is over soon and he can build some immunity. We love you Drakers!!!

Drake's Cereal Adventure

Drake got a taste of his first 'real' food last week. He really enjoys it! Nothing like rice cereal when you are 5 months old. While feeding him Calla told me to try some, I stuck my finger in and tasted it. I told her it wasn't too bad, so then she had to try it. Now every time we feed him she wants to taste it!

Snow Day and Tumbling!

Monday it snowed. All day. Tuesday another system. Even worse. Monday night schools canceled for Tuesday. Winter storm warning. Six to 12 inches of snow expected. Tuesday morning warning changed to an advisory. Four to six inches of snow expected. Noon Tuesday still no snow. Now expecting 1 to 3 inches of snow. About 5:00PM started freezing rain. A bit slick. Lots of happy teachers and students. Several mad superintendents. Sometimes the weather man is right. Sometimes he is not. One more day of school added to the end of the year. Big deal.
Tuesday evening. Calla had tumbling. Class at the YMCA. Calla calls it "CMY." Tumbling was fun. Super fun. Asking every day, "Is it Tuesday?" Can't wait to go back "free (3) more times!"