31 December 2011

Ripp Christmas and Drohman Christmas

We celebrated Christmas with Chad's family on Christmas Eve before going to our 9PM Children's Program. It was a great evening of food and fun! The children were spoiled as usual and didn't want to have their pictures taken.
On Christmas Day we were off to my Grandma and Grandpa's house for our celebration there. Not everyone could make it, but the group that was there was rowdy and obnoxious, as usual! :)

Picture taking is not for one-year-olds...

The best family picture we could get this year. Oh well!


Chad's brother and his family

Tiny pieces of paper...

Roller skates!!!!

Another thing to race his cars on!

Daddy and Calla

Uncle Jeddy and Drake!

Teaching Grumpy Papa and Blake how to play Lala Loopsey on the DS!

A Cookie Monster that sings!

24 December 2011

Christmas Morning--a bit early!

The Big, Jolly, Red Suited Man has been here and left for another year! Earlier in the week, Santa left a note informing the children he liked their good behavior and would be visiting them a night early as a reward. Truth be told, we are leaving early tomorrow morning and we wanted them to have time to play with their new things before then. :)

Calla left out milk and cookies for Santa, 5 cinnamon pecans for the 5 elves, and a spinach leaf for the reindeer!

We shut the gate at the top of the steps so she couldn't get downstairs until we opened it!

She was SOOOO excited to come down and check it all out!

A Hula Hoop to practice with at home! There is one a school, but you have to wait your turn and then you don't get nearly enough time to perfect it!

A mini trampoline!

Drake loves his new snow shovel!

A new Littlest Pet Shop animal!

Drake really likes to biscuit jump on the trampoline!

Playing the Uno Angry Birds game!

Drake really likes his new sled too! Now we just need some snow again!

This is his new trick, get the bottom half of the doll high chair in order to reach the piano easier!

He likes his new camping chair too, soon it will be warm again and time to go camping!

Our Little Family Christmas

We celebrated our family Christmas together! Calla has been asking Santa for a desk, and only a desk. Well, it wasn't in our plans to get her a desk so we knew she would be disappointed. Chad found a "new" used desk at his work this week for a great price that he wanted for his computer room. We then had an extra desk that was just perfect for Calla's room! So as a last minute gift, we gave Calla the desk she had been begging for! She is in love with it!

Drake was checking out his new shirt.

The Dorothy snow globe!

Drake is starting to figure out that it is fun to tear paper!

A Zhu Zhu pet from her brother!

Merry Christmas!

Cookie Making with a Friend!

18 December 2011

Williams Christmas & School Program 2011

Calla and a few friends ready for the Reindeer Pokey!

Uncle Jeddy being silly!

Drake eating an apple. He loved it!

Drake crawled in the chair, got a pacifier and was ready for his bedtime bottle.

Trying out her new scooter!

Uncle Jeddy gave him Redi Whip from a can and he.loved.it!!!!

Jerzi and Hula!

Jeddy and his skunk...

More Redi Whip!!!!

Chad's gift had not shipped yet, so he got man soaps!

Drake showing Jeddy how to assemble the scooter!

The girls and the Crazy Uncle!

Uncle Shane and Drake!

Bayln and his Transformers, he was really excited!

Burlynn and her Princess Set!

Trying to figure out how to get his things out of the box.

Uncle Jeddy has arrived, and his hands were clean so Calla would let him pick her up!!!!

The Lala Loopsy Tree House...what a scream she let out!!!!