18 December 2011

Williams Christmas & School Program 2011

Calla and a few friends ready for the Reindeer Pokey!

Uncle Jeddy being silly!

Drake eating an apple. He loved it!

Drake crawled in the chair, got a pacifier and was ready for his bedtime bottle.

Trying out her new scooter!

Uncle Jeddy gave him Redi Whip from a can and he.loved.it!!!!

Jerzi and Hula!

Jeddy and his skunk...

More Redi Whip!!!!

Chad's gift had not shipped yet, so he got man soaps!

Drake showing Jeddy how to assemble the scooter!

The girls and the Crazy Uncle!

Uncle Shane and Drake!

Bayln and his Transformers, he was really excited!

Burlynn and her Princess Set!

Trying to figure out how to get his things out of the box.

Uncle Jeddy has arrived, and his hands were clean so Calla would let him pick her up!!!!

The Lala Loopsy Tree House...what a scream she let out!!!!

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