26 November 2006

The Room

Chad and I finally have the room where we want to show it off!! Over the last few weeks we have found different things to add to help make it look a little more like we want it to be. We bought our travel system today and Chad put it all together. It is so nice to have that purchase done!!
We go to the dr. again next week for our 6th ultrasound to check on the placenta's placement...we are hoping that it has finally decided to move just a bit.
The curtains are not done yet, but other than that I think that the room is ready to go! Hope you all have a great week!

18 November 2006

26 Weeks

Had another dr. appointment yesterday with my regular dr. I gained four pounds...yeah!!!! Baby's heartbeat was right around 150 beats per minute...which seems to be pretty normal for this child.
She is not all that concerned with the placenta being low and stated that they would probably take baby one week early, not four like the other dr. was thinking...so who knows!?!?!? She just told me that I should be careful with my lifting and anything over 20 pounds is too much right now. I tried to get her to restrict my cooking, cleaning, and laundry, but she didn't really think that was necessary! :) Maybe next month I can convince her of that!
I managed to drink all of the liquid for the gestational diabetes test and did not vomit...I was concerned b/c it was the only thing I could eat/drink yesterday morning and I had heard how horrible it tasted. Still waiting on the results from that! I go back to see her again in four weeks!
Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

08 November 2006

Update--25 Weeks

Chad and I had another ultrasound today to check on the progress of the placenta. It is still laying low and we go back in four weeks for another ultrasound to check on its movement. Dr. says at this point more than likely the placenta will not move and so we will be having a c-section a few weeks before the due date. We got to see all four chambers of the heart today...talk about making this a reality!!
Baby is measuring right where it should be and weighs a little over a pound currently. Baby has moved and is now head down so that was a welcome change from last time. The pictures are hard to see because baby is bigger now so sorry I have none to put on this time! I am still feeling great and can't wait to meet my little warrior in only a few months!! Peace out.

05 November 2006

In between weeks 24 and 25

The top picture is from this weekend! I am 24 weeks along and I am slowly gaining a baby belly! The bottom picture is from this weekend. Chad and I went to my friend Amanda's wedding in Iowa and had a good time.
I am still feeling pretty good. Some nights I have some not so nice leg cramps, but I just deal with them and get back to bed ASAP. We have another ultrasound this week, so we will see what the Dr. has to say. Baby is still really low, but the kicks are much stronger than four weeks ago so I would say that baby is definately growing well! Have a great week!