26 April 2009


Last weekend Calla and I went to see my parents. Shane and B were also there that weekend. Chad stayed home to have some man time...too bad I called him several times and asked him to do some things while we were gone. The whole house was clean, the bathroom was re-caulked, the yard was mowed, the laundry was done and Calla's swing set was assembled!!! Calla and I are so blessed to have such a great guy that cares about us and takes care of us even when we leave him home alone!! We are going to Kids Explore later and so we should have some more pics to share!

On her new slide!!!

We had to try out all the "fwings!!"

One happy little girl!

Calla stole B's chicken leg and decided to eat it!

Two crazy girls!!

Calla and Papa Mike in their chairs!

12 April 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! He has Risen today...WHAT A STATEMENT!

Yesterday Calla went to our local Easter Egg hunt and had a great time. She got 4 eggs and ate all the candy during the next half hour. We hid eggs for her inside while she was sleeping and she had a fun time finding all of them. They had "M's, Bunny Beans, and chocolate" in them. (M & Ms, Jelly Beans, and robin eggs!) She really wanted to eat every piece in there over the next 10 minutes and thought we were really mean when we put most of it away. HA! We also went to the library and the Children's Museum and she could spend all day at those two places.

This morning we went to church and Grandma Karma even came with us. We are going to her house tonight to eat, Mike had to work today so we had to wait until tonight to see them. Calla was excited to see Elly b/c it had been a while since she had seen her!

We have had some big changes at our house this last week. I have accepted a new job in a public school as the preschool teacher for the fall. It will be their first year and so I get to help get things all figured out...I AM SO EXCITED! This will allow me to start working on my Master's Degree sooner as well!

Calla has a big announcement to make as well...She is completely potty trained! She has had only one accident over the last week and loves wearing her big girl panties! Our Daycare provider has completely done this little training with Calla...we fought most nights with her to get her to go and Shirley got the job done!

Calla is checking out her Easter Basket!

A nice messy face!

This little girl gave Calla an egg at the hunt!

05 April 2009

Isn't Life Grand?!!?!?!

We have had a FABULOUS weekend!!!
My grandparents, Marvin & Lorene, will be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary at the end of the month. The whole family met in York this weekend to have a big party. In the morning, we met my parents, and Shane & Burlynn at the York Children's Museum to play. This is a wonderful museum with so many things for little ones...and big ones...to play with! Shane and I performed several puppet shows for the girls...and other patrons that wanted a good laugh. HA! Calla and Burlynn played and played and played, they both did not want to leave even after 2 hours! The whole family met at Chances R for lunch and it was so good! After lunch we all met at a motel where some of us had rooms. We hung out in the suite and let the girls swim in the jacuzzi tub. Calla has been talking about going "splash with B" for a month now...they had a great time!

Later we all met downstairs in the conference room to have Grandpa and Grandma open their gifts. We also had a bottle of whiskey that was around 35 years old that had been joked about for years that would be opened during Grandma and Grandpa's 50th Anniversary...it had even survived the Deshler tornados. We all had our drinks and man was it good! HA! The boys had all been watching the basketball games upstairs and so we turned on the television to watch in the conference room...just as York county was being put in a tornado warning. The lady at the front desk assured us that it was south west York county...so we continued and started Burlynn's birthday party. We sang the song and were starting to cut into the cookie when the sirens started wailing. We were all ushered into an interior hallway. We took the cake and cookies with us and shared with some other girls that were down there. We all knew there was going to be snow, but tornados really!?!?!? What a night! After around 10 minutes we were allowed to carry on with our party and that we did!

By nine that night Kearney was downgraded to 2-3 inches of snow so we were planning on leaving early to make it back to town for church. When I woke up at 6:30 and looked out our window there was only about an inch of snow and ice. The Wal-Mart parking lot was FILLED with semi-trucks. I then got online to check the status of the roads and the interstate was closed from York to the west end of the state. We kept checking for the next hour or so and then decided we would not be making it back to Kearney for church. We finally left town around 1:00 and had some snow covered road and blowing snow and lots of wind!

All in all we had a wonderful weekend and can't wait to spend time with all the family again!
The pics are out of order, but still fun to look at!

The girls were hanging out watch cartoons this morning...they both had a very busy weekend!

Testing out the frosting!

Bolt! She was excited!

Grandma and Grandpa checking out the Anniversary Clock!

Both girls 'splashing' in the pool!

Calla and Grumpy Papa! He always pretends he is grumpy so they will give him a kiss to cheer him up!

B trying out the crutches at the Children's Museum!

Calla was showing us how she was going to 'splash with B!'

Even Chad got to play!

B the hair stylist!

Calla the Firefighter!

Taking care of Uncle Shane!

Driving the semi like Papa Bryan's!