12 April 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! He has Risen today...WHAT A STATEMENT!

Yesterday Calla went to our local Easter Egg hunt and had a great time. She got 4 eggs and ate all the candy during the next half hour. We hid eggs for her inside while she was sleeping and she had a fun time finding all of them. They had "M's, Bunny Beans, and chocolate" in them. (M & Ms, Jelly Beans, and robin eggs!) She really wanted to eat every piece in there over the next 10 minutes and thought we were really mean when we put most of it away. HA! We also went to the library and the Children's Museum and she could spend all day at those two places.

This morning we went to church and Grandma Karma even came with us. We are going to her house tonight to eat, Mike had to work today so we had to wait until tonight to see them. Calla was excited to see Elly b/c it had been a while since she had seen her!

We have had some big changes at our house this last week. I have accepted a new job in a public school as the preschool teacher for the fall. It will be their first year and so I get to help get things all figured out...I AM SO EXCITED! This will allow me to start working on my Master's Degree sooner as well!

Calla has a big announcement to make as well...She is completely potty trained! She has had only one accident over the last week and loves wearing her big girl panties! Our Daycare provider has completely done this little training with Calla...we fought most nights with her to get her to go and Shirley got the job done!

Calla is checking out her Easter Basket!

A nice messy face!

This little girl gave Calla an egg at the hunt!


The Wiechman's said...

What a nice weekend! Yay for the new job! And yay Calla for potty training! Love the pictures!

The Preister's said...

What a big girl Calla!! Way to go :-)

I love the family picture, you three look great!!

Sounds like you had a great weekend!!