28 January 2008

Yuck :(

On Friday night, Calla got the flu. Today we are still battling it and will be going to the Dr. in a while to see if there is anything else going on or just a combo of the flu and a cold. :( So far Chad and I are in the clear and we hope to stay that way.
She was still a pretty happy baby with just a few uncomfortable moments, so that we are thankful for! Enjoy her new pics!

Getting some fresh air on Saturday afternoon!

Resting on her zebra pillow!

This is what she looks like when ill!

Cheese!! If you click to make this pic larger, you can see her 5th tooth that poked through this weekend!!

24 January 2008

11 months old

I just wanted to do a mini update on Calla's 11 month birthday. She is fighting her first cold of her life, so we are considering ourselves VERY fortunate for this! She has still been a very happy, fun baby even though she is not 100%. I will try to post more this weekend with some new pics!

19 January 2008

Growing Calla

I have not posted for quite some time! I guess I have been busy playing with Calla and her hundreds of toys that are all over my living room! :)
We had some friends over several weeks ago that have a 3 month old and they walked in the door and looked at all of her toys and said "These are all of Calla's toys?" We nicely told them that she has more her bedroom and also in the basement. The just looked at us like we were crazy, but I think in no time their home will look similar to ours!! She really does play with all of them or else we would put some away!
Calla has been busy learning how to walk even faster around the furniture and other objects in the house. She loves to drink real milk from her sippy cup and even told me "No, no, no, no, no!" one morning when I was putting her gloves on! It is hard to believe that at the end of next week she will be 11 months old! My mom, Shane, and Burlynn came out last Saturday to spend some time and Burlynn loved playing with Calla and all of her toys. Enjoy the new pics!

An updated family picture

This is where Calla LOVES to play!!

She is also an up and coming musician!! Look at her stand on her tippy toes to reach it!

Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream!!

She really likes her zebra after Burlynn showed her how to ride it!

05 January 2008

Happy New Year!

So far 2008 has treated us well! Calla spent the night with my parents on New Year's Eve while Chad and I came back to Kearney to hang with a bunch of our friends. Burlynn also stayed with Grandma and Grandpa and they had a good night. We met them and picked her up on Tuesday in Aurora and saw a fabulous Bald Eagle flying over the truck stop...not something you see everyday living in town!
I really have nothing else to report on so I will just post the pictures!

Calla checking out the refrigerator

Here is the freezing fog on our fence the morning of Dec 27th! It was beautiful and Chad (before work) got the camera out and took some pics...I thought this one was the best that you could actually see the detail of the ice crystals.