05 January 2008

Happy New Year!

So far 2008 has treated us well! Calla spent the night with my parents on New Year's Eve while Chad and I came back to Kearney to hang with a bunch of our friends. Burlynn also stayed with Grandma and Grandpa and they had a good night. We met them and picked her up on Tuesday in Aurora and saw a fabulous Bald Eagle flying over the truck stop...not something you see everyday living in town!
I really have nothing else to report on so I will just post the pictures!

Calla checking out the refrigerator

Here is the freezing fog on our fence the morning of Dec 27th! It was beautiful and Chad (before work) got the camera out and took some pics...I thought this one was the best that you could actually see the detail of the ice crystals.


Charli Ann said...

cute pictures - glad you had a nice New Years!

Love the new layout :-)

Gavin Robert Wiechman said...

love the new look! nice pics too.