10 January 2010


Nope! No babies here. Only an almost 3 year old who finally got to move to her big girl bed!

Snow Day Baking!

Calla and I got to spend two days home because of snow this week! We were bored the first morning and decided to make cupcakes with lots of color. Calla helped pour the ingredients into the bowl and also place the cupcake liners into the pan. They tasted great, and I think this will be the recipe we use for her birthday cupcakes that she has requested!

Putting the liners into the pan.

Messy face after licking the spatula!

Ready for the oven!

Working on cleaning out the bowls!

Have to get every last drop!

Our pink and purple cupcakes! They were fabulous...even without frosting!

08 January 2010

Christmas Eve Program

Here is video of Calla's Sunday School class singing Away in a Manger at our Christmas Eve program on January 3rd! She is in the front with this black and pink dress.

06 January 2010

Christmas Continued

Burlynn and Calla both received a Taylor Swift, singing, barbie doll from Grandma & Grandpa. We were only together for about 4 hours...thankfully...because it was Taylor in surround sound and usually offset by several seconds! Calla's is sounding a little run down and batteries will need to be replaced soon...if Wal-Mart isn't "out of them" for a few extra days! HA!

04 January 2010

Christmas with the Family

We made it to Deshler on the 26th after a long drive in the crazy, blowing snow. We celebrated with Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Jeddy. Unfortunately we did not get to see Shane and Burlynn for very long due to the weather, but we plan on meeting them again soon! Here are a few pics of Calla being spoiled by being the only grandchild present! Uncle Jed went above and beyond and spoiled his nieces way more then he needed to, but I guess he is just wanting to be the favorite uncle with no children! HA!