31 July 2007


It has been another fun filled week in the life of Calla! She started cereal last week and has been doing really well with that. We are still just giving her some in the evenings and she does a great job of eating it...not too many nasty faces or spitting it all over. I think that she is just matured enough at 5 months that she really knew how to swallow the cereal already!!
Over the weekend we went to Grand Island to meet up with my parents, brother and Burlynn. We were supposed to go to the water park, but of course it rained so we went to see the animals at Sundance Feed and Seed as well as play at a really cool park. We had lots of fun and have found some cool places that we hope Calla will enjoy as much as Little B did. Calla is also starting to really work on sitting up on her own. She does ok sometimes, but other times she is not focused enough and falls over. :)
Please keep Charli in your prayers as she goes in tomorrow for scans...we know that God will be there to guide her through. Drop by her website to read all about her first birthday party...it sounds like it was LOTS of fun!!

We hope that you all have a great week and leave us a note in the guest book so that we know you visited!!

Playing in her bouncy seat.

Eating some cereal!

I'm ready Mom...give me another bite!!

Practicing her sitting!

Most days this is what she would rather do...lay backwards and then roll out onto the floor!!

23 July 2007

Almost 5 Months

Tomorrow Little Miss Muffet will be 5 months old already!! WOW!!! She is so fun to play with and it is so fun to watch her learn things everyday. She is sleeping through the night and has been for about a month now...we love that. We will probably start her on cereal sometime in the next month, but we will see what the weeks bring. This past weekend Calla and Mommy went to the fair in Deshler and saw so many people. Little B was not there so Calla got spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa...Grandpa kept rubbing his whiskers on Calla's face and Sunday morning she finally grabbed them and pulled. I think that Grandpa will not do it so often now...but who knows!!
Calla now weighs 14lbs and 4ozs! We painted her toes this weekend too so check out those cute tootsies!! Enjoy the new pics!

15 July 2007

Happy Day!

15 July 2007

First off we want to congratulate our friends Brian and Gina on the birth of their little boy Gavin! He a cutie and we look forward to meeting him soon! Please also continue to keep our friend Charli in your prayers. She is having a busy summer and continues to do well with her cancer. Visit her site to check out her cute pics and to leave her an encouraging note!

We really have not done too many exciting things this last week. We stayed pretty close to home and just did our normal family things. Saturday night Chad and I went out and Calla went to stay with Grandma Karma for a few hours. Chad and I went out to eat and then went to play disc golf at Cottonmill Park here in town. That is a very challenging course and one that we look forward to doing much better at someday!

Just to answer a few questions that I have received this week. Yes Calla got her ears pierced. Yes she cried...so did I! After 2 minutes she was over it and has not been bothered by them since. No they do not bother her when she sleeps. On the 4th of July someone asked what my boy's name was and I nicely corrected the lady and told her that HER name is Calla. I was upset that just b/c she was in blue that people assume that she is a boy, but I knew that I could help people see that she is indeed a girl by piercing her ears. Her dad and I had decided several months ago that we would pierce her ears at some point and we discussed that now was a good time. She will never remember the pain and will just always be used to them. If you click on the pics you can enlarge it and see the earrings a bit better.
Thanks for checking on us...we hope that you all have a great week!!!

Just playing on the floor.

Sitting in the chair and smiling at Mommy!

Eating my blanket.

What are you looking at?

Close up of those blue eyes!!!

08 July 2007

Good Weekend

This last weekend was a good one! We had a garage sale on Friday and Saturday which was a bust, but other than that it was a good time! My mom came up Friday night to help and stayed until this morning. Karma also came over to help us Saturday morning. My dad finally made it back from Texas and so he joined us last night to hang out with Calla and I suppose Chad and I! :) We went shopping yesterday afternoon and just really had a good time playing on the floor with Calla! Enjoy the new pics and the movie of Calla in the tub!

04 July 2007

First 4th of July

Calla has had a busy last couple of days! Last night we went to Stacey and Pat's for their 3rd of July Party. Calla was really hot and did not enjoy the loud noises coming from the fireworks. Then we went to Dave and Pam's house to watch the big fireworks. Calla enjoyed that much more. The weather was much cooler down by the lake. Plus there were no loud fireworks there! She sat on Mommy's lap and watched the big fireworks reflect off the lake.
Today Calla hung out with her Daddy and I and we have spent some time in her room enjoying her new mirror. She was so adorable laying on her boppy watching the cute baby in the mirror! Tonight Grandpa and Grandma Ripp are coming over for supper so she will be plenty spoiled later on! Enjoy the new pics!!

Here she is sucking her thumb when I went to wake her up one morning! ARGH!!!

The family getting ready to go to the party!

Who is that cute baby in the mirror?

You want to take MY picture!?!?