23 July 2007

Almost 5 Months

Tomorrow Little Miss Muffet will be 5 months old already!! WOW!!! She is so fun to play with and it is so fun to watch her learn things everyday. She is sleeping through the night and has been for about a month now...we love that. We will probably start her on cereal sometime in the next month, but we will see what the weeks bring. This past weekend Calla and Mommy went to the fair in Deshler and saw so many people. Little B was not there so Calla got spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa...Grandpa kept rubbing his whiskers on Calla's face and Sunday morning she finally grabbed them and pulled. I think that Grandpa will not do it so often now...but who knows!!
Calla now weighs 14lbs and 4ozs! We painted her toes this weekend too so check out those cute tootsies!! Enjoy the new pics!

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