21 October 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

We had the best time visiting a different pumpkin patch this year! We have ventured close to home the last two years since Drake was young, but this year we went a bit farther away!
There were so many fun things to do and the three hours we were there were almost not enough. There was an enclosed jump-a-roo and two open ones, a corn tank to dig in, a train to ride, several playgrounds, goats and ponies, swings, bumper cars, giant hillside slides, bunnies and chickens, and even a sand box! We will definitely be visiting again next year!!

20 October 2012

Fall Fun at Home

Thanks to the amazing wind we experienced this week, we have a big pile of leaves at our front step. The children are young, but they know Fall is not complete until you jump in to a pile of leaves and throw them up in to the air!! We also found our masks that they have had fun wearing as well!

19 October 2012

Yet another Party!

Drake celebrated for the last time with Chad's family last evening! It was great to have Papa, Grandma, uncle Chris and Charlotte over for supper and birthday pie! We had too much cake and have to move in to another dessert. Drake blew his candles out all by himself this time and like to sing the Birthday song too. He loves his new pajamas, toys and books! Thanks for a fun party!

13 October 2012

2nd Birthday

Drake has had a wonderful 2nd birthday! We started with a family party last night and he added to his car and tractor collection! He also got some cute little boy boxer briefs that he wore around the house over his diaper. Today we visited Papa Bryan's semi to take a look inside and also got to tour the fire vehicles at the fire hall. The weather was even nice enough that we walked around town for a bit and got to play at the city park!
He still gets to party with his daycare friends on Monday and Daddy's family at the end of next week!
Two years have gone at a nice pace in Drake's life. We pray the next two are spent with less time being sick and more time being silly!
Happy Birthday D-man we love you!!

07 October 2012

Fall catch-up

So I have not taken the time to update pictures recently. We have done some fun things and just hung out other times. My mums are in full bloom and look gorgeous! We took in the local parade a few weeks ago. We have played outside in the evenings while it is still warm. Some time has also been spent snuggled up watching football. Drake is often being comical and we spend many evenings laughing at his antics. Today our Parks and Recreation program had a family bike ride on our trail system. It was chilly, but we love to be on our bikes. We are looking forward to celebrating Drake's birthday soon as well as Halloween. I am sure there will be more pictures when those are all said and done. Take care!!