30 March 2007

New Pictures :-)

Go Team Magnum! This is Uncle Shane's basketball team and we got this onesie from Little B!!
Peace, love, and breastmilk!!
The three of us at hockey tonight!
Look at these blue eyes and LONG eyelashes!
She was enjoying her first "real" bath! She only wimpered a bit when Daddy washed her hair!

Last Friday Calla went in for her one month check up and was up to 7lbs 14oz and 21 inches long! Well...on Tuesday of this week we weighed her again and she was up to 8lbs 6oz!!! Chunky Monkey!!! This being Friday again I would bet that she is easily up another 4-6oz....thus putting her at around 2lbs gained in 5 weeks! Hopefully she levels off soon or she will be 25lbs in no time!! I just wanted to share some more pictures from this week...I can't seem to stop taking pictures when we are together. She made it to her second hockey game tonight and once again did really well...we got her some ear plugs this time. Hope you all have a great weekend!

27 March 2007

quick update

I just wanted to post some new pics for you all to see! The picture with the clothes are all the clothes she has to grow into over the next year! She has more than me and I didn't think that was possible! Also stop by the link provided to leave some positive words for my friends and their daughter Charli! Charli is winning the fight against childhood cancer and your prayers will help her do so!


Have a great day!

22 March 2007

Busy Week

Calla got to attend her first hockey game this week and the Storm won! Omaha was in town and mommy knew it would be a good game and so Calla got dressesd in her warm clothes and her hat. We brought along her hockey blanket and her baby sling and away we went! It gets rather loud at times, but Calla didn't notice and managed to sleep through most of the game! The playoffs are coming soon and so she will probaby get to attend a few more games before the season ends! There is also a picture to remember her first experience!
Calla and I also want to wish her Daddy a Happy Birthday today! He definately is the best dad in the world! We love you Daddy Chaddy!

11 March 2007

A little update

Nothing really new to report, but just had some new pictures to share! Calla survived her first road trip to Grandma and Grandpa Williams house! She slept all of the way there and most of the way back. We are headed to Missouri over Easter weekend so we hope the traveling goes just as well then! Cousin Burlynn liked to be near Calla this weekend and even did ok when her Daddy held Calla! I am sure that this will be a great relationship that these two cousins share! We are looking forward to the nice weather this week so that we can go on some walks. Daddy goes back to work tomorrow so that will be an adjustment that will take some getting used to, but I am sure that we will make it. Calla got to meet Great Grandma Mona as well as Great Grandma Lorene and Great Grandpa Marvin and we have shared some pics of those visits.

05 March 2007

A few new pics!

Just wanted to share a few pics from the first week of Calla's life! The blue picture is from the 21 hours that she spent under the billi light at the hospital...the little glasses were great to keep the light out, but a pain to put on. Things here are really going well and the house is staying picked up and the dishes done, so I guess we have adjusted pretty well so far! Thanks for checking in on us!