27 March 2007

quick update

I just wanted to post some new pics for you all to see! The picture with the clothes are all the clothes she has to grow into over the next year! She has more than me and I didn't think that was possible! Also stop by the link provided to leave some positive words for my friends and their daughter Charli! Charli is winning the fight against childhood cancer and your prayers will help her do so!


Have a great day!

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Brenda & Chad said...

so many clothes..and it only continues!!! I feel terrbile because I have some MORE for her...but hope she can still fit into one of the most adorable ones I found!! If not you will have to pass it along to the next baby girl, or wait for your next one!!

also, thank you for directing people to our site. the outpour of love, kind words, and support has been unreal. We MUST have the best friends in the world!