31 October 2008

Happy Halloween 2008!

Calla is ready for her 2nd Halloween! She is going to be a very cute duck this year and even says "quack, quack!" We will be visiting a few houses tonight and then going to the Light in the Night Carnival with the Spracklen family. With 2 babies we decided it would be fun to not take them in and out of a carseat multiple times, but just let them run around and play games and maybe even go into the jump house! We will try to post more pics later this weekend! Have a safe and Happy Halloween!!

Here is a pic of Calla from last year!

20 October 2008

Room Progress and the Pumpkin Patch

Calla is back at home after spending the week with Grandma Jules and Papa Bryan. She had a great time, but did miss her Mom and Dad a little! Chad and I did some work on the house while she was gone, so finally we are finished with everything inside!!!! We painted our bedroom and put in a new floor. We are so, so thankful that Chad's Dad, Mike, has all the tools and expertise we need in order to make our house what we want it to be! It is so helpful that he lives close so that we can borrow his tools and his truck! Thanks Mike!
We ended up taking the curtains from Calla's room for our room and got different sheer curtains for Calla's room...it is so PINK when the shades are up and the sun shines in. We love it! We added a brown stripe to our walls so that we could tie in our brown sheets with our black duvet. The laminate floors make the rooms look so much nicer and actually a place we want to be! Most of Calla's toys are in her room so she enjoys playing in there.

Saturday we met my parents, Shane and Burlynn at the Pumpkin Patch near Hastings. It is a great little patch with plenty to do and we just had a blast following the girls around. The loved to jump in the big jump house and the big slides were also fun. The goats were attacking Grandpa and that was entertaining to watch as well. They added a new duck pump race and Burlynn had fun pumping the water to get the ducks going and Calla loved to put the ducks in the trough so that they could float down to the end.

Grandma Carolyn is back in the hospital and needs some prayers that her strength is restored.

Thanks for checking in on us!

Calla really liked the corn box again this year!

Here she is last year in the corn box...wow she has grown!

She really liked the wooden train...she kept saying "Choo, Choo!!"

Crawling through the train!

This year she was big enough to go down the slide into the corn!

The girls wanted to challenge Papa to a game of checkers!

B was pumping the water for the ducks...and getting herself all wet!!

Calla and her Daddy playing Guitar Hero.

Calla's room with a new chair and the new curtains.

Here is the other window and her star coat hooks!
Here is a view of our room!

And another view!

17 October 2008

I have been tagged!

I have been tagged by Brenda to post the 6th picture in the 6th folder. This is me at 36 weeks pregnant...wow this was a long time ago! I posed for Chad every week so that I could put a picture up here. This is close to the end, but Calla was still up pretty high as she had not dropped any yet. Thanks for bringing me back to this time Brenda!
I am supposed to tag 6 people, but I don't know 6 other people who have a website, so Becky is the only one for me to tag! Come on Becky post a good pic for us to see.

In other news, Calla has been with my parents all week. Our daycare provider's mother-in-law passed away Monday and so she took the rest of the week off. Chad's parents are in Florida on vacation so we called Grandma Jules to fill in! Calla has been having a blast breaking all the rules at daycare...hopefully Shirley does not have too tough of a time Monday getting her to remember the rules again. Thanks for checking in!

09 October 2008

The (almost) Finished Product!!!

Chad has busted his tail every night this week in Calla's bedroom! On Monday night, we took Calla to Grandma Karma and Papa Mike's to hang out so that we could paint the ceiling and touch up the white stripe. Tuesday night, Chad bought all the trim and touched up all the paint. On Wednesday night, they played in the park while I went to church and then Chad touched up the brown. Tonight he cut most of the trim strips and hung those. As you can see from the pics there is still a little more to do. Calla is in there tonight and some of her things are put back away. We decided to rearrange the furniture, so there will be a few kinks to iron out before we decide for sure which way it will stay.

I do want to ask for prayers for my Grandma Carolyn, she has been in the hospital this week and came home today to finish recuperating. Grandpa Roy is also struggling with his health and also needs prayers.

Let us know what you think of our bedroom creation!

Calla's cute pigtails!

This is where Calla thought she should sleep tonight...we changed her diaper and put her in her bed with her pillow and blanket, she was happy then!

04 October 2008

A quick peek!!

Chad and his Dad have worked really hard so far this weekend updating Calla's bedroom. Her room had water damage after our roof leaked from the tornado in May.
Papa Mike patched the ceiling yesterday and also the floor. Then last night, they put in the new wood laminate floor...and we love it!!!!!! Today they mudded the ceiling some more and the holes in the walls left from everything we had hung up.
Tonight Chad is finishing up the texturing of the ceiling and has started painting the pink stripe. Yesterday at Target I found this rug that will look awesome with the brown that will be on the bottom of the walls. I will update again in a few days with the finished project!

Chad does such good work! We are leaving the white at the top and then the pink with the bottom brown!!

Calla insists on being in there with her Dad while he is painting tonight. The floor is covered with drywall dust, but you can see the general color.

Here is the rug I found for $6.00 at Target!!