31 October 2007

Happy Halloween!

Calla wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween and we will update more later as to what festivities she took part in!

You can see my teeth in this one! Mommy finally got a picture with them showing!

23 October 2007

Eight Months Already!?!?

It really is amazing how fast children grow and change. It does not seem like only 8 months ago that I looked like a walking house and now I have this beautiful big girl that almost crawls! Two teeth are in and we think a 3rd is not far behind. Tonight she was amused by the sounds that I was making and laughing SO hard that Chad and I had tears rolling down our cheeks from laughing at her! Enjoy her pics and the video!

Her teeth were bothering her and so she was sucking on a bag of frozen corn! We decided to put some corn in her mesh bag fresh food feeder and she loved it!

Garth!?!? I think she's in love just like Grandma Jules!

Cute Me!!

Chillin' by the front door...her new favorite hang out!

21 October 2007

Two Little Pumpkins

What a weekend we had!! On Saturday we met Grandma Jules, Papa Bryan, Uncle Shane, Cousin Burlynn, Uncle Jed, Great Grandma Drohman, and Great Grandpa Drohman at Country Harvest Pumpkin Patch. We had a BLAST!!! The girls got to ride on tire horses, play in a tepee and a wooden train, go down a giant slide, travel a corn maze, pet goats and donkeys, jump in a giant jumper, milk a goat, paint their faces, play in a corn pit, and pick out a pumpkin!! We have decided to make this a yearly tradition and know that next year we will have 2 crazy girls to chase all over the farm. If any of you live close to the Hastings area I would strongly suggest this pumpkin patch since there was one low price to get in and then everything was included!! www.countryharvestpumpkinpatch.com Enjoy the pics and the video!

14 October 2007

Movin and a Groovin Baby!!

This weekend Calla has really started to move all over the house...we love it and hate it at the same time! We love that she can now get where she wants to go, but hate it that she is growing up so quickly! We met our friends 10 day old baby this weekend and it really is amazing how much they change in only 7 months.
Tonight I was sitting by our couch folding her clothes and she was helping me. I then took the clothes to her room to put them away and she followed me and by the time I got them all put away she was under my feet! Determined girl! We also had to get a baby gate for our stairs just so we know that she is safe. The bedroom and bathroom doors had to be closed so she did not venture in there too!

Here she got bubbles on her face from her toy that she was eating!

Here is a little video of her moving around that I thought you might enjoy!

08 October 2007

All I want for Christmas...

Is my 2 front teeth!!!! The second tooth has finally broken skin and it was a long weekend working on it! Calla did not eat much this weekend and had a runny nose and the grumpies, but we survived. It has been a while since the last post and really there is not much to report other than the second tooth. She continues to be a great baby and is developing quite the personality. When she decides she is hungry you had better get the bottle ready NOW or else she will let you know just how hungry she really is!! Calla got to be in her first parade already. Head Start walked in the Band Day parade here in town and so I took Calla along in the stroller and she had a good time watching all the kids. :) Hope that everyone is still doing well and thanks for checking in on the world of Calla!