31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

Calla is pumped that today is finally here! Last night she helped her dad carve a few pumpkins and they had a great time. We had to cook some of the seeds to enjoy as well.
Last night was the great jack-o-lantern display in town. There is a family that carves over 100 pumpkins with very intricately designed pictures. They had the whole Sesame Street gang, Chuck E. Cheese, Sponge Bob, cats, mummies, and the list goes on and on!!! I didn't take my camera along but Calla loved it! We hope they do it again in 2 years!
Calla-Dorothy is ready to get going on her adventure tonight...got to go! Enjoy the pics of Dorothy and my Pumpkin!
Happy Halloween!!!

at Trick-or-Treat on the Bricks

We had to see if Drake fit in the doll carrier...he didn't and was not impressed!!

We started the day with pumpkin shaped pancakes and I didn't take any pics. :( Then we made this jack-o-lantern pizza for lunch!!

29 October 2010

Pictures of the week

We have survived a few days at home alone this week when Chad went back to work. It was so great to have him home so that he too could spend some time getting to know our little boy. We really have missed him!
Calla is STOKED about Halloween! She had her party at daycare on Wednesday and yesterday we went downtown to trick-or-treat! She has SO MUCH candy already and we are not even to the real deal yet! AHHHHH!!!
Thought you would all enjoy some new pics!

Meeting Great Grandma Bernice.

Meeting Great Grandma Mona.

20 October 2010

Week One!

It has been an amazing week one with Drake! He eats (a lot!) and loves to sleep when being held! My family was here over the weekend and so Calla got some extra attention and Burlynn to play with. They went to the pumpkin patch on Saturday morning, went swimming at the motel, played outside at our house, made cookies, and watched a movie! They were busy!
Calla still is totally in love with Drake and asks him at least 100 times per day, "Do you like your new big sister buddy?" She also likes to call him Superman from time to time. Chad is home with us for another week and has been a HUGE help, Calla asked to go back to daycare on Monday and comes home each day with lots of things to talk about and with tons of kisses for Drake! Enjoy the pics!

14 October 2010

Little Brother is here!

Drake Michael
13 October
7lbs 1oz

Calla is in love and totally enjoying being the Big Sister. We made it home today and are hoping for a great night of sleep! HA! He is a hungry boy...gotta go!

10 October 2010

Fall Festivities!

This past week we have got to take part in several Fall Activities in our community! Last weekend was the Homecoming Parade for the college and then the Firefighters Pancake Feed. We have been to these two things for the last 2 years and look forward to them each fall.

Last Sunday, we had a chilly picnic at our favorite park and then stayed a bit to play. Calla loves the park!

Yesterday we went to our local Earl May to take in their Harvest Festival. The cheerleaders and dance team from my school helped put it on, so we went to check it out. Calla's friend, Elly, and her family joined us for a while as well. Calla got to paint a pumpkin, get a tattoo, chalk the walk, eat a cupcake, and her favorite...play miniature golf! She had never done this before, but LOVED it!! We are looking forward to more great weather this week!

Even Santa was at the parade!!!

There were lots of emergency vehicles that run their sirens so Calla had to wear her headphones!

Just one of the many free things she got at the parade. Chad's pockets were overflowing with goodies...candy & trinkets!

Friday night, she painted one of her pumpkins at home! It was a blast!

She choose this small pumpkin at the Harvest Festival and painted it purple!

Calla the scarecrow!!

02 October 2010

October is here!

We have waited for October all year at our house! Baby month! We have been having fun as a family of 3, but are SO EXCITED to become a family of 4 in the near future! Here is a little update on some fun we have had the last few weeks.

B and Calla!

Calla and I ready to go to the Nick Jr. Live Show!

There were so many things to see and she just could not get her eyes to focus on the camera. She enjoyed the show, but was bummed that the Hockey mascot, Stormy, was not there too!

Calla trying out the baby bed and watching the mobile.

Another baby bump picture. Baby was laying sideways in this picture so my belly is funky shaped! It still has plenty of room to move from head down to sideways...I guess that is a good thing!