28 May 2007

Busy, but Wonderful!

Calla at birth.

Calla at 1 month.

Calla at 2 months.

Calla at 3 months...where has time gone????

Garrett, Makenna and Calla

It seems that we have something to do every night and hardly get to spend any time at home! We love being parents and can't imagine our life without our beautiful baby girl. I found the meaning for Calla this weekend "beautiful" and it is Greek. We think it is very fitting. I have included some pics of Calla so that I could see how much she really has changed in only 3 months! :(
Calla made it to her first wedding over the weeknd...it was about time b/c she has been to 3 funerals and 2 graduations! She does so well even when she does not get to go to bed when she wants to! Saturday night she was up pretty late and was still happy and enjoying the music. Calla also got to meet Garrett and Makenna for the first time. She had fun hanging out at their house for the day and hearing all about their Black Belts that they recently achieved! Way to Go Garrett and Makenna!
We have finally set our date to have Calla dedicated at our church and Chad and I are also going to become members that day! We have found a great small Evangelical Free Church here in town that we just really enjoy. It is very casual and makes you feel totally comfortable in who you are and nobody there is there to judge how you look, live, or raise your children! We really could not have found a better church home!

24 May 2007

3 months old!!

Happy 3 month Birthday Calla!

19 May 2007

Picture Time

I think that I can hold my bottle by myself!!

My bikini!!

Mom and me on Mother's Day!

So big!

Dad and I just hanging out!

Things have been going really well for us! I had a great first Mother's Day. We spent the weekend in Deshler with my family and then had supper with Chad's parents when we returned on Sunday. I got two flip flop necklaces from my mom...one in my birthstone and one in Calla's...I love them! Chad bought me a new digital camera so that I can take even more pictures of little cutie pie! Calla is sleeping pretty good most nights and is SO happy when she is awake...unless she is hungry!! We have survived 2 graduations over the last two weekends and are TOTALLY enjoying our weekend home this weekend. Next weeked we are out of town for a family wedding...then I think we really have little plans for the summer. Yea!! Hope you enjoy the new pictures!

09 May 2007

Some new pictures

Holding my head up while doing some tummy time!!

Bath time is SO FUNNY!!

Me and cousin Paige (my birthday buddy) at her high school graduation! Congrats Paige!

I figured out that if I hit the ball it moves and makes noise!!

Bath time makes me happy!

Cousin B and I with Grandma and Grandpa!

Me and my parents! A happy little family!!

01 May 2007

A few things

UPDATE: At her 2 month checkup Calla weighed 11 lbs and 9 oz! She is now 22.5 inchecs long! Dr. thought that she looks great and that we are doing a great job with her!!

I'm cheering for Charli!!

Official Charli Cheerleader

These are a few pics of the outfit that Calla wore on Sunday to Charli's benefit! We wanted Charli to know that we are praying for her all the time!!

I started back to work last week and Calla has done really well at daycare! Now when we leave all the kids gather around to say good-bye and Calla just smiles at them all...it is a great feeling to know that your child is happy when left at daycare.

Sunday was the benefit for Charli and her family and we had a WONDERFUL time hanging out and chatting with them all day. Charli looks great and is an amazing baby girl...it will be exciting to see what plans God has in store for her lifetime!!

Calla goes to the dr. later this week and I will post her stats after that visit. She is growing so much and loves to smile and stand on her legs and hold her head up! Her and Little B will be in so much trouble together in no time! YIKES!!!!!

Hope everyone takes some time today to appreciate all the great things they have going on in their lives!