26 February 2007

Calla Jade is here!!!!

Calla Jade was born on Saturday, 24 February 2007 at 10:29AM with lots of black hair, and she is BEAUTIFUL!!
Calla was born on my cousin Paige's 18th birthday so we think that is pretty cool that they will forever share that. Just a little history on Calla's name too...when my Grandma Drohman and her twin were born their mother died giving birth to them. They had several siblings at home and their dad needed some help raising them and so their Grandma Calla took them in and raised them all. She passed away in 1965, so I never met her, but we really liked her name and think it fits our little girl really well!!
We only spent a little over 12 hours at the hospital and everything went really well. Chad was right beside me all night and did a great job of supporting me when the pain was rough! Since Calla has been here she definately has worked really hard at wrapping her daddy around her finger...and she has successfully completed that task!! He is such a great father...thanks Shane for being such a great role model this last year!
Burlynn was here over the weekend and was a bit jealous of Grandma and Grandpa holding the baby, but she really liked to look at Calla too! Here are a few pictures and you can bet that there will be plenty more as she grows! Thanks for checking in on us!

22 February 2007

40 weeks--We are overdue

Sorry I have not updated for several weeks...
Today we went in for our 40 week check up. Baby's heartbeat was around 140bpm and seems to be really comfortable right where it is! I was only slightly dialated and my blood pressure was still good. So this means that I will go back next Thursday for another appointment and we will decide what to do from there! I am uncomfortable, but not totally dying of pain yet so I was ok with waiting until next week to discuss induction. I am also including a picture from today. I will let you all know when we have some news to report!

06 February 2007

38 weeks

I have nothing to report on, but I just wanted to share a picture from this week! I also included a picture from 10 weeks ago...man it is amazing how much bigger my belly is even though I still weigh about the same as I did then! Keep those predictions coming, Chad and I really enjoy reading what everyone thinks.

01 February 2007

37 weeks

Today I went in for my 37 week appointment and pretty much everything is the same. I gained no weight, baby's heartbeat was around 140, my blood pressure was fine, and baby has only dropped slightly. I have been feeling pretty much the same and we are getting more excited to meet this little person! We did meet our daycare provider this week and LOVE her! We are very excited for what she has to offer our family and look forward to sharing our child with her and her other clients. Have a marvelous day!