03 September 2012

State Fair and other random fun!

We have tried to enjoy the last days of hot weather by playing and playing outside! I celebrated my 32nd birthday last week and Calla enjoyed picking out a delicious ice cream cake for us to enjoy! We made our annual visit to the State Fair and had a fun day. I ran my 2nd half marathon in the morning before going and am looking forward to the spring when I can do another! Drake got a tractor from my Grandpa Marvin that he was loving playing with on the way home, he still has hardly let Calla touch it even after 2 days! The best part of the fair trip was the 2 quiet children in the backseat on the way home!

Back to School Bar-b-Que

Calla's school hosted their annual celebration in the park. We went and ate supper and snow cones as well as many fun games! Don't forget the fun face painting! It was a good, hot time and we look forward to other all school celebrations to come!!