22 February 2009

Feliz Cumpleanos, Feliz Cumpleanos!

Yesterday we had Calla's 2nd Birthday Party! It was such a good time!! On Friday night, Calla helped me make the chocolate cake and she just loves being on the counter and in the mess with me...I hope she continues her love for helping in the kitchen!
My parents, Shane, Burlynn, and Jed came out earlier in the day on Saturday, so we all got to play before the big party. We all got in our respective vehicles to go to lunch and Calla was bawling in our car b/c she wanted Burlynn and Burlynn was bawling in my parents' car b/c she wanted Calla...we seriously went 2 blocks is all! When we got there they both were smiling and so happy b/c the other was there...what funny girls!
We had a nice group at the party...I think there were 22 people here, a packed house, but so fun! Calla received some fun things and the first thing she said to me this morning was, "I wanna play balls and stroller!" She came to the living room and crawled in her ball pit and then grabbed the stroller and a baby and she keeps going back and forth between the two!
Calla also got a swing set for our back yard...I can hardly wait until it warms up so that we can put it together. In the meantime, we also got a membership to the Children's Museum so we can hang out there!
It really is amazing to me that we are at her 2nd birthday already. Amazing! That is how I will sum up her life so far. She truly is such a bright spot in our lives and we love to watch her mature everyday. She learns new words each hour some days and always is trying new things w/out too much coaxing. Enjoy all the pics from her fun party!

Modeling her new Minnie pajamas and slippers!

Playing with the Diego ball pit

Burlynn playing in the ball pit

Calla, Elly, Courtney, and Burlynn playing together

Calla with her Minnie cookie

Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets We're on our way!! Linny and Ming-Ming

She was so excited to open presents!

She loved the huge Minnie balloon too!

Mixing up the cake!

Intense baking!

15 February 2009

In the meadow we can build a SNOWMAN!!!

Calla got to play in the snow today for the first time! She had played with snow in a bowl while in the house a few times, but never actually got to walk around and play...she had a great time!! We even built our first Ripp Family Snowman!!!
We celebrated a great Valentine's Day yesterday and got to spend some time together at the Children's Museum...it is so nice to have that available in our little town. Thanks for checking in on us and enjoy our snow pictures.

Styling with her snow boots and mini skirt!

She wore her swimming suit over her pajamas to bed one night!

Thanks for playing in the snow Daddy!

Our little snowman!

All bundled up and ready to go

10 February 2009


We have nothing exciting to post, but thought I would share a few pictures. Enjoy your day!

We found this dress when going through her closet on Sunday and she insists on wearing it...along with the white shoes that are too big!

She had a little marshmallow cream on her face!

Having a carpet picnic with herself! She set this up without any help from us.