15 February 2009

In the meadow we can build a SNOWMAN!!!

Calla got to play in the snow today for the first time! She had played with snow in a bowl while in the house a few times, but never actually got to walk around and play...she had a great time!! We even built our first Ripp Family Snowman!!!
We celebrated a great Valentine's Day yesterday and got to spend some time together at the Children's Museum...it is so nice to have that available in our little town. Thanks for checking in on us and enjoy our snow pictures.

Styling with her snow boots and mini skirt!

She wore her swimming suit over her pajamas to bed one night!

Thanks for playing in the snow Daddy!

Our little snowman!

All bundled up and ready to go

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The Wiechman's said...

Calla and the snowman blend in! I love her little white snow suite, thanks for the pictures.