30 March 2008

Update on the kitchen

Here are few pics from the kitchen remodel!! As you can see, we are not finished yet, but have made tremendous progress. The top cupboards are still in the garage, but tomorrow night they will be installed. I leave Tuesday for Florida, so I will not be able to put much away and I am hoping that my wonderful husband does a good job on that part too!

Here is a before shot...obviously we needed a makeover!!

Here is another shot of the other wall.

Wow...what a difference!! Tell me how much you love the yellow wall that was behind the cupboards!?!?

And the other wall!

28 March 2008

Birthday, Easter, and a Tractor

Wow!! So much has happened since I last posted...guess I have been doing and not reporting! We went to Deshler for Easter Weekend and we also got to Celebrate a special birthday. Burlynn will be 2 this weekend, but since we were all together last weekend we celebrated then. She loved the Dora cake that Grandma made for her and the balloons were pretty amazing too. Calla got to experience her first and 2nd Easter Egg hunts and she really could have cared less. Ha She really does not like to crawl in the grass so that makes an egg hunt hard.
My Grandpa has refinished a John Deere tractor that belongs to my uncle. He had it at his house and so the girls got to play on it! I think Calla knows already that it has to be green if it is a tractor!
This weekend we are also remodeling our kitchen!!!!!! We were trying to take as much out ahead of time so we would be ready for demolition...and Calla decided she likes it the way it is now!

B checking out the cake!

I found a pink one!

Pretty Calla in her Easter outfit!

Calla on the cool tractor.

Playing where there were once drawers!!

17 March 2008

Sorry it took so long...

We have been one busy family the last week and updating this site has not been on our mind. :(
Calla went in for her one year check up and she weighs 18.02 lbs and is 27'' tall. For weight she is in the 5th percentile and 3rd percentile for height. She continues to toddle around all the furniture and push her car all over the house. She has learned how to climb on and off of her zebra by herself. This last weekend she did not have any bottles!! So hopefully we are almost done with formula and bottles!!! Everywhere we go she makes new friends and is constantly getting compliments on how she is the happiest baby ever!

We do ask that you drop by our friend Gavin's site and leave his mom an encouraging note. Gina's mom, Stella, is battling cancer and has recently received some discouraging news. The link to Gavin's site is on our page and we really do ask you to keep their family in your prayers.

Check out my pigtails!

This is what it looks like when mom takes the pretties out!

Where's Calla?

I don't know!?!?

Funny Face!

03 March 2008

Life as a One-Year-Old

Calla has settled into her new life as a 1 year old! She cut her 7th and 8th teeth this last week! She is eating more food and less bottles and thinks that everything is funny!
On her actual birthday it was a beautiful day so we put Calla in her wagon and we went to the park to play. She liked the swing and the little slides. After she and I went down the 20ft tall tube slide she was done. We put her back in the wagon and took a ride around the neighborhood and she loved to growl at all the dogs that were barking at us.
She is doing such a good job of walking around the furniture and all over the house with her push toy, but really in not all interested in walking around holding on to our hands. We have decided that we are completely fine with this...the longer she waits the more time we have until we have to chase her!
We don't have her one year appointment for a few weeks yet so I don't know height and weight, but will let you know when I do!

Swinging on her 1st birthday!

Pointing at the leaves blowing by us in our backyard.

Showing off her teeth!


Just walking around the chairs.