03 March 2008

Life as a One-Year-Old

Calla has settled into her new life as a 1 year old! She cut her 7th and 8th teeth this last week! She is eating more food and less bottles and thinks that everything is funny!
On her actual birthday it was a beautiful day so we put Calla in her wagon and we went to the park to play. She liked the swing and the little slides. After she and I went down the 20ft tall tube slide she was done. We put her back in the wagon and took a ride around the neighborhood and she loved to growl at all the dogs that were barking at us.
She is doing such a good job of walking around the furniture and all over the house with her push toy, but really in not all interested in walking around holding on to our hands. We have decided that we are completely fine with this...the longer she waits the more time we have until we have to chase her!
We don't have her one year appointment for a few weeks yet so I don't know height and weight, but will let you know when I do!

Swinging on her 1st birthday!

Pointing at the leaves blowing by us in our backyard.

Showing off her teeth!


Just walking around the chairs.

1 comment:

Charli Ann said...

wow, look at those shades...what a doll!

Thanks for keeping the pictures coming, I love to see her grow!!