23 February 2008

First Birthday Party!!!

We had a great birthday party today complete with food, cake, ice cream, presents and 24 people! Calla was taking a nap when everyone arrived so we were thinking she might be upset to find so many people in her living room, but she woke up smiling and went to work entertaining everyone. Burlynn was SO excited to see Calla and was ready to play, play, play. At present opening time, Burlynn was more than happy to help Baby Calla get the job done.
When we gave Calla her own cake she was trying to be careful at first and only eat with a few fingers, but then she really got into it! We really had a great party and are so excited that so many family members spent the day with us!

A family picture...with a funny smile from Calla!

Playing with Mommy's headband...she even knows where it goes!

A picture of her decorated high chair.

Eating her breakfast and getting ready for the party!

Checking out the cards with Mommy.

Starting to eat her cake!

Burlynn was telling her how to eat it!!

Calla smiling for the camera.

An after picture of the Birthday Girl!

14 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Calla is feeling much better and is celebrating her first Valentine's Day at home with her Mommy! We are trying to keep track of the State Wrestling results and watching some quality television (Barney!!) while we are chillin today. We are going to make a special supper and dessert for Daddy tonight and just hang out as a family. Here are a few pics that we have taken today.

She has been rather annoyed with a stuffy nose and has learned how to pick it.

She would smile at her Daddy, but would not look at the camera for me with a big smile.

12 February 2008

Are we done yet????

Calla now has Influenza B and is under Dr's orders to stay home the rest of the week. Poor girl has had a pretty high temp the last couple days and has been really restless. We thought that we were finally done being ill, but I guess that this was one of those instances where God laughs at the plans we make! She was pretty clingy today and had a normal temp tonight so hopefully the night goes well. I am including a fun little video of her new tongue tricks she likes to do!

The Dora couch had to be moved because she now likes to do this trick!

03 February 2008

Done with the Sickness

We are all well again!! What a LONG week it becomes when 3 different people spend time being ill.

This weekend was a great one for us. We got to go to Lincoln to spend time with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Shane and Burlynn. We also got to see Amanda and Gina and of course Mr. Gavin (and Brian and Brittney)!
We spent lots of time just hanging out. The girls loved the pool at the motel! Calla also got her first ride on a Carousel and she LOVED it!! The Lincoln mall has one right in the middle that you can take a ride on and so Grandpa took Burlynn and I rode with Calla.

Tonight we are hanging out at home watching the Super Bowl together! Calla's 6th tooth also poked through last week so that too is pretty exciting!! That 1st Birthday is fast approaching and we are trying to figure out how we are going to celebrate. It really is hard to believe that it has been a year already, but we have loved every minute of parenthood so far and look forward to what else life has in store for us!

On the Carousel...we choose a horse that was stationary!

Loves for Calla!

Crazy girls!

Burlynn with her crazy hair and Calla with her Shrek smile!!

Mom and Calla snuggling!