12 February 2008

Are we done yet????

Calla now has Influenza B and is under Dr's orders to stay home the rest of the week. Poor girl has had a pretty high temp the last couple days and has been really restless. We thought that we were finally done being ill, but I guess that this was one of those instances where God laughs at the plans we make! She was pretty clingy today and had a normal temp tonight so hopefully the night goes well. I am including a fun little video of her new tongue tricks she likes to do!

The Dora couch had to be moved because she now likes to do this trick!


Gavin Robert Wiechman said...

OH, Calla! I am so sorry you don't feel well. We hope that you get better and soon, you have an important birthday coming up!

Charli Ann said...

that just STINKS! There has been alot of that going around our area and lots of RSV. I hope she feels better and you don't get it too :-(

What an adorable little tongue she has!!