28 May 2009

Sedgwick County Zoo

On the way back from Missouri, we spent a night in Wichita, Kansas. We then visited the Sedgwick County Zoo. This zoo is awesome! It's not Omaha, but not far off! There are so many exhibits to see and they are all divided into areas of the world. Each animal has a very detailed explanation that shows where they are found in the world, what they eat, if they are close to extinction, what is being done to save them in the wild and more. I really felt we got a very up close and personal view of almost all animals in a very clean environment. In several exhibits the animals are just roaming around and you just stay out of their way. For example, in Austrailia the wallabys are hiding in the grass and will move around as they please! Calla really enjoyed the tigers and the bears! In the Asian petting zoo she really enjoyed this little sheep that was out of the fence and she would follow him around to pet him. I really suggest this zoo to all of you!


Our family went with my parents to Missouri. We had not been to visit Grandma and Grandpa since last summer and they were missing Calla! Calla did really well on the long car ride and even enjoyed watching movies on Papa's TV on the way there! She just really enjoyed having Mommy and Grandma back there talking to her the whole time. She really warmed up to Great Grandma and Great Grandpa really fast and had a great time wandering around outside when it was not raining. She found some frogs and was too afraid to touch them, but really fascinated by them! She even got to ride in the lawn mower trailer with Granny driving! We had a great time visiting and are glad to see that they are hanging in there!

More pics

Here are some random pics from over the last month.

One of my students gave me this frosted cookie the last day of school. I went to the bedroom to change clothes and came back and Calla was looking like this! She took the lid and put it back on the cookie and tried to look nonchalant about it, but she was covered in frosting!

She really enjoyed licking her big sucker!

She wanted to go watch Jeddy race!

Kids Explore

Here are the pics from Kids Explore that I was going to post a month or so ago!

Happy Bear!

The YMCA balance beam.

She was SO EXCITED to meet Diego!! She still is talking about it!