21 February 2010

Happy Birthday Calla!

Yesterday we celebrated Calla's 3rd birthday with lots of family and a few friends! Papa Bryan, Grandma Julie, Uncle Shane and Burlynn came out early in the day so we could spend some time together before the weather set in and chased them all back home. The girls were crazy from the second Burlynn came in the house! We had a wonderful time playing and getting dressed up in princess attire for the party.
Everyone arrived for the party about the time that the snow started to fall. The pinata was a pull string and all of the strings broke and so Uncle Shane used the knife to open it, but the treasures were the same either way! HA! We enjoyed the pink and purple cupcakes and homemade vanilla ice cream. Calla received SO MANY cool things and is still trying to play with everything today. We are so thankful that we have so many amazing family members that live close and want to celebrate Calla's big day with us! It was a packed house, but we were able to promise more space next year since we will be moving to a much larger house! We did miss Grumpy Papa, Grandma Lorene, and Uncle Jeddy, but know that we will see them soon. Enjoy all of our exciting pictures!

Calla and her princess cupcakes!

Uncle Shane and two crazy girls!

Going after the pinata goodies!

Blowing out the candles!

A princess tea party!

Elly and Burlynn were so helpful with all of Calla's gifts!

Calla decided to make a panty bar with all 7 pair of Princess panties!

Calla's First Haircut

Calla's long, curly Taylor Swift hair was getting a bit snarly on the ends and so we got to go in for her first haircut! We went to my friend Brandi who of course did a great job. Calla talked nonstop about going for the 24 hours before and then when we got there she became very shy. She did sit up there very well and did everything she was asked to do. The end result was a nice trim to her crazy hair!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Party Preparation

Several weeks ago we started to prepare for Calla's 3rd Birthday Party! Calla decided that she wanted to have a Princess Pinata at her party. At her daycare they often have a pinata for their parties and so she decided that she needed one at her own party! :) We bought some large punching balloons and set out to work on this great creation. Calla had a WONDERFUL time helping out! It turned out so cute and apparently we sealed it too tightly, because Uncle Shane had to use the large butcher knife to cut it open at the party! OOPS!!

09 February 2010


House sold. Tough job. Seventeen days. Boxes. Big boxes. Lots of boxes. Trash bags too. Happy family. Packing ongoing. Lots of stuff. Who knew?!?! Birthday party first. Finish pinata. Buy gifts. Cleaning. Organizing. EXCITED!!!!!!