27 June 2011

21 Day review

I have come to the end of my 21 day challenge. Overall, I am pleased with my progress. I do have some areas that I could have worked harder.

I completed both of my 5k races!! The first one I ran most of it and finished with a time of 35:27. I probably walked 1/4 mile of this race. My time was an improvement over my 5k in April where I finished in 38:04 and walked close to a mile and 1/4 of this race.
My second 5k was this weekend and I ROCKED this one!! I finished with a time of 34:11 and RAN then entire time!!!!
After these two great races, I believe my body is ready to train for a 10K .
I am much more aware of my food choices and the amount of sodium I take in daily. (Without intentionally salting any food!)
I lost 6 lbs and I am ok with that for now. I feel like I am just becoming more healthy overall and trying to not focus on the number on the scale...hard to do for me!

I did not get in as many miles running as I would have liked to. Swimming lessons started and we have a new format this year and I have been taking time to adjust my schedule daily to meet the needs of the students.
I could have eaten more fruits and vegetables and smaller portions some days.
I didn't lose more lbs. As mentioned before, I am trying to not focus on this.

My new plan:
Tomorrow I am starting the Bridge to 10k plan.
I am going to add some strength training in to my schedule.
I am starting a new 21 day challenge. Anyone else in this time?

13 June 2011

21 Days

On June 5th, I found this moving post over on my friend Becky's blog and knew it is exactly what I had been looking for. Motivation. A reason to keep hitting the pavement. A plan to follow.

I jumped on last Sunday and set out with one thing in mind last week and that was my 21 days, one day at a time.
On Tuesday, I followed Becky's link back to the original woman that had posted about the 21 day Challenge. Tricia. Tricia is an amazing, outstanding, motivating woman that I can't stop reading about!! The short of her story is this: She weighed 278lbs and decided to take a 21 day challenge and eat healthy and move her body every single one of those days. She did it and lost 20lbs during those 3 weeks. Fast forward to today and she has lost about 130lbs and has run a marathon! Please go to her site and read about her amazing journey if you are needing some motivation!!!

I thought about not posting this here, but after my great results during my first week, I just HAD to share with all of you in hopes it would be the motivation you are looking for.

I really want to be down one pants size by the time school starts. When I get to that size, it will be the size I wore in high school...12 years ago. I have been running some this spring and have 2 5k races I am signed up for, but just really needed this extra boost to keep me moving.

Last week I traveled 10.3 miles. Running 6.5 of those miles and going on walks with Calla in a stroller for the rest.

I also started using an app on my Ipod called "Lose It!" to track what I am eating and my movement. I downloaded it several months ago, I think it was free...don't remember!

I documented my weight last Sunday (June 5th) when I started and then I got on the scale again yesterday, after one week. Guess what?? I lost 5lbs!!

My goals for this week:
eat more fiber (the app tells you the nutrients you are taking in)
eat more vegetables/fruit
run more than 6.5 miles
take a walk most evenings with my Calla girl in the stroller

Please leave me a comment if you too are taking Tricia's challenge! I want to keep up with you and your goals as well!!

Yanney Park Day

A few weeks ago, we celebrated Yanney Park Day here in town. During this wonderful event, the United Way has their annual Duck race. They drop thousands of rubber ducks down the canal and the top ten get prizes. We never seem to win...maybe next year! There is also live music, a food fair, jump-a-roos, fishing, and just small town fun!

The weather was just fabulous on this day and Drake enjoyed riding in his stroller for most of the day.

Calla has talked quite a bit about the jump-a-roos from last year and was so excited to see this new one. It stretched almost the width of a gymnasium and is a really cool obstacle course with this awesome slide at the end!

The swans had their 'ugly ducklings' following them around on the lake. It was a beautiful site!

Calla couldn't wait for the Duck Race to start!

Back again...

Thought I would tell you all about our a-ma-zing weekend we had in the big cities! Blogger decided to upload pics all in a crazy order today, so I will just comment on each one to tell you our story! Thanks for checking in on us again...you would think when I am working 1/2 time that I could update more, guess not! HA!

Two sassy girls outside Cracker Barrel! They did a cute rendition of Jesus Loves me along with the pose!

My 3 favorite men :)

Calla and the "Tin Man" at our motel!

Drake got to go swimming for the first time. He just hung out in this ring and enjoyed the water.

We visited the zoo and got to spend the day with my cousin Landon and his daughter Edyn! Calla had to compare her wingspan to an eagle!

Cute Edyn!

Calla and her otter friend :)

Drake after his swim

Long live the dinosaur at the zoo!

The Crooked House is still there too!

Drake enjoying the zoo!

Calla decided she loves flamingos at the zoo during our trip. Our public library does not have enough books for her to learn more about them...bummer!

Paper eating lion...check!

She was SO looking forward to "holding" a butterfly at the zoo. When we arrived our map for the day said the butterfly pavilion was not open until the next day...when we walked by it was open and Calla was elated!!!

Feeding the goats

Burlynn enjoying the real Taylor Swift!

So our seats were really far from the stage...it still was the best production I have ever attended!!

Calla on the caterpillar!
Calla during Frankie Ballard, she missed her nap earlier in the day.

Daddy and Calla getting excited to find our seats for the show!

Drake enjoying his first bath in the big tub!

So, I am not real proud of this picture, but I just LOVE Calla's face so I had to share. This would be when Taylor first took the stage singing "Sparks Fly." Obviously, I was bawling and Calla was awestruck! I was just so overtaken by emotion watching Burlynn and Calla see her step out on to that stage and see her!
Taylor sang for 2 solid hours. There was so much action going on during her songs that we thought we were on Broadway and not some arena! Calla has hardly stopped talking about it since and often talks about the next time we see Taylor!

Thanks again for visiting our page and sorry for the delay, I will try harder to stay on top of it!