13 June 2011

21 Days

On June 5th, I found this moving post over on my friend Becky's blog and knew it is exactly what I had been looking for. Motivation. A reason to keep hitting the pavement. A plan to follow.

I jumped on last Sunday and set out with one thing in mind last week and that was my 21 days, one day at a time.
On Tuesday, I followed Becky's link back to the original woman that had posted about the 21 day Challenge. Tricia. Tricia is an amazing, outstanding, motivating woman that I can't stop reading about!! The short of her story is this: She weighed 278lbs and decided to take a 21 day challenge and eat healthy and move her body every single one of those days. She did it and lost 20lbs during those 3 weeks. Fast forward to today and she has lost about 130lbs and has run a marathon! Please go to her site and read about her amazing journey if you are needing some motivation!!!

I thought about not posting this here, but after my great results during my first week, I just HAD to share with all of you in hopes it would be the motivation you are looking for.

I really want to be down one pants size by the time school starts. When I get to that size, it will be the size I wore in high school...12 years ago. I have been running some this spring and have 2 5k races I am signed up for, but just really needed this extra boost to keep me moving.

Last week I traveled 10.3 miles. Running 6.5 of those miles and going on walks with Calla in a stroller for the rest.

I also started using an app on my Ipod called "Lose It!" to track what I am eating and my movement. I downloaded it several months ago, I think it was free...don't remember!

I documented my weight last Sunday (June 5th) when I started and then I got on the scale again yesterday, after one week. Guess what?? I lost 5lbs!!

My goals for this week:
eat more fiber (the app tells you the nutrients you are taking in)
eat more vegetables/fruit
run more than 6.5 miles
take a walk most evenings with my Calla girl in the stroller

Please leave me a comment if you too are taking Tricia's challenge! I want to keep up with you and your goals as well!!


Becky D said...

Way to go!!!! That's awesome! I have to redo two days, but I lost 2 lbs the first week and went and worked out 3 days in a row, and walked the other days!

The Preister's said...

GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you will rock it, you are so determined, can't wait to hear your success!!! <3