13 June 2011

Back again...

Thought I would tell you all about our a-ma-zing weekend we had in the big cities! Blogger decided to upload pics all in a crazy order today, so I will just comment on each one to tell you our story! Thanks for checking in on us again...you would think when I am working 1/2 time that I could update more, guess not! HA!

Two sassy girls outside Cracker Barrel! They did a cute rendition of Jesus Loves me along with the pose!

My 3 favorite men :)

Calla and the "Tin Man" at our motel!

Drake got to go swimming for the first time. He just hung out in this ring and enjoyed the water.

We visited the zoo and got to spend the day with my cousin Landon and his daughter Edyn! Calla had to compare her wingspan to an eagle!

Cute Edyn!

Calla and her otter friend :)

Drake after his swim

Long live the dinosaur at the zoo!

The Crooked House is still there too!

Drake enjoying the zoo!

Calla decided she loves flamingos at the zoo during our trip. Our public library does not have enough books for her to learn more about them...bummer!

Paper eating lion...check!

She was SO looking forward to "holding" a butterfly at the zoo. When we arrived our map for the day said the butterfly pavilion was not open until the next day...when we walked by it was open and Calla was elated!!!

Feeding the goats

Burlynn enjoying the real Taylor Swift!

So our seats were really far from the stage...it still was the best production I have ever attended!!

Calla on the caterpillar!
Calla during Frankie Ballard, she missed her nap earlier in the day.

Daddy and Calla getting excited to find our seats for the show!

Drake enjoying his first bath in the big tub!

So, I am not real proud of this picture, but I just LOVE Calla's face so I had to share. This would be when Taylor first took the stage singing "Sparks Fly." Obviously, I was bawling and Calla was awestruck! I was just so overtaken by emotion watching Burlynn and Calla see her step out on to that stage and see her!
Taylor sang for 2 solid hours. There was so much action going on during her songs that we thought we were on Broadway and not some arena! Calla has hardly stopped talking about it since and often talks about the next time we see Taylor!

Thanks again for visiting our page and sorry for the delay, I will try harder to stay on top of it!

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