13 June 2011

Yanney Park Day

A few weeks ago, we celebrated Yanney Park Day here in town. During this wonderful event, the United Way has their annual Duck race. They drop thousands of rubber ducks down the canal and the top ten get prizes. We never seem to win...maybe next year! There is also live music, a food fair, jump-a-roos, fishing, and just small town fun!

The weather was just fabulous on this day and Drake enjoyed riding in his stroller for most of the day.

Calla has talked quite a bit about the jump-a-roos from last year and was so excited to see this new one. It stretched almost the width of a gymnasium and is a really cool obstacle course with this awesome slide at the end!

The swans had their 'ugly ducklings' following them around on the lake. It was a beautiful site!

Calla couldn't wait for the Duck Race to start!

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The Preister's said...

great pictures! love to keep up on your family through the blog, I am thankful you are here Andrea!!