30 June 2012


Our less than $10.00 fun!

27 June 2012

Family Pictures

 We finally got family pictures taken with our family of 4! Our friend Kent, from Plonkey Photography did a fabulous job!

 I love his 'pretend cry' face!!

25 June 2012

Community Olympics and some cute kids!

 The AWESOME chalk drawing that was done by our teammates for the chalk drawing competition. They won 1st place in their division!!!

 Mixing up some pudding for snack!

 This boy cracks me up. He has to have multiple pacifiers with him to sleep.

 Eating his "cicle-pop!"
 Pretty excited to be a part of  the Fruit Loop Posse in the Olympics!

We started out the weekend with about 700 of our closest friends doing Yoga on the high school football field! It was so fun!

18 June 2012

More fun!

So apparently I didn't prick the spaghetti squash enough and this is what happened! It sounded like a ball slammed in to my window, I looked there first and then slowly turned to look at the microwave...

 Hat, hat!
 The little girl who was not tired!

 Silly boy!

 Up, up Daddy!

 Happy Father's Day Daddy!

A nice place to sit!

16 June 2012

Hanging with the children!

 This is how they like to hang for a while when they wake up, watching PBS kids of course!

 We got the doll stroller out of the closet again this week and have been fighting over it ever since...

 Drake LOVES to smell flowers!! Real, silk, metal, on clothing, on a box, it does not matter he just smells them and then says, "Mmmmmmmmmm!" I.love.this.boy.

 He was just hanging out by the tree while Calla was riding her bike!

Calla is working on her picture taking skills and took this pic of us!!