11 June 2012

Water fun, Small Town Celebration, & some Camping!

 We had 2 extra girls last week for a few days and instead of the pool, we opted for the sprinkler! Drake.loved.it.
 He loves to play with the pinwheels on the porch.

 Drake the Cable Guy. Call him for your hook-up needs!

 My pretty girl!

 We went to the Amherst Jubilee Celebration over the weekend. Calla ran the kids 1 mile Fun Run!! She and her friend stopped to pick flowers along the way and I ran out the last 1/4 mile or so to coax them to hurry back in! HA! She ran it in about 20 minutes, not too bad!!

 Calla and I! I LOVE that she had so much fun running her race and has told everyone about it since!! I hope I can continue to convince her that running is fun!

 Here I am, coming back in from my 3.1 miles. I ran it in 29:49...my fastest time ever!!!!!


 The school band!

 There were firetrucks and an ambulance so of course Calla had to wear her headphones the.whole. parade. UGGGHHHH!!!!

 Our local Cabela's had a 25 year celebration on Saturday too. Calla really wanted to go so she could ride this horse, Chief!

 She even got to launch a pop bottle rocket!

 This was her favorite part, stock tank fishing! She caught 5 different fish over the 45 minutes we were there! She was so proud of herself!!

 Calla has been BEGGING to go camping. So we pitched the tent in the backyard Saturday night and did just that. The wind was blowing so we didn't get to do a campfire, but we sure did have fun!

 Calla before bedtime!

Drake before bedtime!

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