28 August 2011

State Fair 2011

My year would not be complete if I did not visit the Nebraska State Fair. I. Love. That. Place.
So many things (and people) to see!
We tried Swiss Cheese and Rye on a stick, chocolate covered crunchy Cheetos, a corn dog, and a yummy Philly cheese steak sandwich. I did not get to try the deep fried Twinkie on a stick. (Hey, I need a reason to go back next year!)
Calla just wanted to watch the Racing Pigs and see them eat the Oreo Cookie when they win, and ride a pony. We completed both tasks! She got a ticket from a friend (Thanks Gina!!) to do some fun things and eat some free things while there. She choose to ride the Merry-Go-Round and that completed our day.
My parents came to meet us there and hang out to help me celebrate my birthday. I have celebrated few birthdays without seeing my parents, might we weird to some of you, but my birthday just isn't quite the same if I don't see the people that helped create me!

Calla riding on Baxter!

The GIGANTIC Praying Mantis Chad found on one of the buildings. Calla's shoe is a size 7.

All the apples she picked in the Family Fun Tent.

Collecting eggs in the Family Fun Tent.

24 August 2011

First Day of Preschool

Calla was so excited to be at her first day of Preschool!!! I have loved having her there with me everyday! It is so fun to see her grow and change in to a little girl!

A Fishing Trip

Several weeks ago, Calla told me that she wanted to go fishing again sometime. We decided it was beautiful on Saturday and Yanney Park would be the destination. We were there about 1/2 hour and Calla caught one fish that jumped off just before she got it to shore. Now she wants to go again so she can catch a bigger fish.

14 August 2011

A few new pics

We have moved right in to August with some fun times. We visited the county fair, mostly finished painting the house, visited the pool and park, and just spent some time together!

Drake enjoyed watching the kids at the park.

A kiddo pic before church...so hard to do when Drake just wants to go and Calla can barely hang on to him. :)

The house is mostly finished. We. love. it.

We had the greatest carnival at our county fair. They were very kind to parents, allowing us to take our children in, buckle them up, and then get them out when they were done. All without hurrying us along! They also allowed parents to ride the slide for free with their child!

As girly as she is, she did love this pink four-wheeler!

The boats were not as cool at the boats at Grandma Julie's fair because they did not have water to float in!

Parents could also ride the Merry-Go-Round for free...and we did lots!

She also loved the motorcycles!