14 August 2011

A few new pics

We have moved right in to August with some fun times. We visited the county fair, mostly finished painting the house, visited the pool and park, and just spent some time together!

Drake enjoyed watching the kids at the park.

A kiddo pic before church...so hard to do when Drake just wants to go and Calla can barely hang on to him. :)

The house is mostly finished. We. love. it.

We had the greatest carnival at our county fair. They were very kind to parents, allowing us to take our children in, buckle them up, and then get them out when they were done. All without hurrying us along! They also allowed parents to ride the slide for free with their child!

As girly as she is, she did love this pink four-wheeler!

The boats were not as cool at the boats at Grandma Julie's fair because they did not have water to float in!

Parents could also ride the Merry-Go-Round for free...and we did lots!

She also loved the motorcycles!

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The Preister's said...

those are great pictures!!! Drake looks like Calla in the first picture!

(and, must give props to her for the pink 4-wheeler!)