26 September 2007

Weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's

Over the weekend we went to my parents house to celebrate Uncle Shane's birthday. Calla got lots of love from cousin B and they had a good time playing together! Calla's tooth is still working on coming in and she continues to be a very happy baby! She loves eating many things and rolling all over the floor! Enjoy our new pictures!

A little love from Cousin B!

The girls in their Husker outfits!

Grandpa and Calla in their Husker gear!

Taking a wagon ride!

Calla had blue ink all over her chin from a newspaper ad!!

18 September 2007

New Video and Pic!

Enjoy the pic of Calla eating her toes and the video of her kicking and yelling at her fishies!

15 September 2007

Go Huskers!!!

Calla says, "Go Huskers, beat the Trojans!!!"
And please let me know what you think of my first piggytail!

12 September 2007

Exciting news!!!

I would like to let you all know that Calla's first tooth has finally poked through! My baby is growing up SOOOO fast!

Here are a few pics from our professional photo shoot we had tonight! Calla was going for the serious look tonight...not many smiles which is unusual for her. The face in the last picture is what we saw more than any smiles, cute, but not really what we were looking for! Enjoy....we sure did!

09 September 2007

Great Week

Hanging out in her new high chair!!

Reading the paper and cheering on the Huskers at the same time!!

Working on her arms in her new jogging suit.

She loves rice cereal and carrots!!

Apparently I was too slow while feeding her, she wanted the bowl to do it herself!

03 September 2007

A few pictures

Enjoy the new pictures!

Do you like my pink outfit?

Me and Mommy on her birthday!

Such a big girl!

Loving my carrots!!

Go Huskers!!

Just playing!

Yummy...this tastes good!!

Hi Mom...take another picture!