12 September 2007

Exciting news!!!

I would like to let you all know that Calla's first tooth has finally poked through! My baby is growing up SOOOO fast!

Here are a few pics from our professional photo shoot we had tonight! Calla was going for the serious look tonight...not many smiles which is unusual for her. The face in the last picture is what we saw more than any smiles, cute, but not really what we were looking for! Enjoy....we sure did!


Charli Ann said...

I LOVE IT!! She is SO adorable, and looks so grown up in these shots! I feel your pain, Charli has had these moments, her 1 year shots are mainly nose wrinkles!!

she is so adorable Andrea, I know you are so proud...but I just have to say "you must be so proud!!!"

Charli Ann said...

I forgot to add...FIRST TOOTH! how exciting! Bottom? Ahh, they look so cute with teeth, but I do miss Charli's gummy-smiles!