03 September 2007

A few pictures

Enjoy the new pictures!

Do you like my pink outfit?

Me and Mommy on her birthday!

Such a big girl!

Loving my carrots!!

Go Huskers!!

Just playing!

Yummy...this tastes good!!

Hi Mom...take another picture!


Laura Hickman said...

Hi Andrea,
I'm Laura, and I linked to you from Charli's website. I noticed a common bond for us. My daughter, Layla was born on 11/5/06. She has a hemangioma as well, on her chest. And, as I read back to her birth, I discovered that our daughters share a middle name - Jade.
Calla is absolutely beautiful - those beautiful eyes, and those long lashes - she's just a doll.
Well, take care, and if you'd like to respond - I'm LaMiBe@aol.com.

Charli Ann said...

What BEAUTIFUL eyes!! Oh my...such so adorable.

SHAM on me for not emailing you and/or calling you on your birthday. I am so sorry. I looked at the calender earlier last week and thought of it - but slipped my mind. Chad had surgery today, so my mind has been a bit foggy! I AM SO SORRY.