16 January 2011

Family Time

Drake got to hang out in the toy room on the Dora couch for the first time. Calla was thrilled!

He enjoyed his tummy-time fun mat for about 7.8 seconds...then he was screaming!
No neck muscle strength class for Drake this day. :(

Yesterday, Chad's cousin Kevin married Annie. Calla had so much fun at the reception dancing! This is Chad's cousin Daren's daughter and Calla!

They even danced with the bride!

10 January 2011

Snow Day!

It was a glorious snow day around here today! I had no school so I kept the kids home, Chad got up this morning and the street had not been plowed so he decided to wait until it was to try to leave. The plow came by about mid-morning and so Chad went out then to clean the driveway again...for the 3rd time. After lunch he got ready to go in and none of his businesses were open so he stayed at home and did some online training. The rest of us got in a little snooze and just hung out!

My wonderful children just hanging out together! I try to memorize pics like this so when they are grown I can remember how sweet they were when they were small!

Our deck this morning

Chad snow blowing for the third time!

The beautiful tree in the backyard!

Another view of the yard.

Looking out into our neighborhood. What a beautiful sight!

09 January 2011

The View from Here


Pretty Girl & Handsome Boy!

The view this morning out our sliding glass doors. What a beautiful sight!

What an awesome God to provide us all these amazing things to look at!

02 January 2011

Snow Bunny and her Handsome Brother

Since the first flakes showed up several weeks ago, Calla has been begging to go sledding. She has never been sledding, but just knew it would be wonderful! Friday was much too cold to even sled for 5 minutes so Saturday her wishes came true. We are very fortunate to have enough of a hill in our backyard to create a fun sledding hill for an almost 4-year-old. Chad bought a cheap sled and Calla thought it was the greatest thing ever. I am pretty sure she will be out there again today trying out her new snow path!

Warming up with some apple cider and a snack!