26 July 2012

Water Fun!!

Just a little fun in the sun and a hose! Don't forget about the popsicles too! Good times for the siblings!

25 July 2012

Soccer Time

Calla started playing soccer this week and she loves it! Drake and I have enjoyed watching her learn new things each day.

20 July 2012

Our recent fun

Here are some pics from our recent activities!!

09 July 2012

Some Fun!!

We enjoyed a nice visit with my family over the weekend and the cousins were as crazy as ever!! On the was home we stopped at Stolley Park to ride the train and play!

05 July 2012

Fourth of July fun!

We took in a local parade to start out our day. The kids got so.much.candy. It was a nice long, hot parade, but we all had fun! We ate a cheap BBQ lunch in the park and then all came home for a nap. Then the kids enjoyed some water fun before we left again. We went to our local splash park to play and then enjoyed an awesome production of A Year with Frog & Toad! It was awesome!!!! After a little adventure to find some ice cream we found a spot to enjoy some fireworks! Two nights of way past bedtime makes for a lazy day today!

04 July 2012

Happy early Fourth of July!

Our town does their big fireworks display on the 3rd so people can sleep in on the 4th. I don't know if that is the real reason, but I like it anyways! For the first time, Calla made it the whole night without wearing her silencing headphones! Yeah, finally!!! Drake just enjoyed watching them and was not phased by the sounds!