29 August 2007

The Life of Calla--6 months old

Calla is SO FUN to play with now and so most nights we lay on the floor playing rather than updating the website! Ha!!
Calla had her 6 month check up last week, she is 14lbs and 13oz and 251/4 inches long. She has now tried sweet potatoes and loves them. Calla also had her first trip to the zoo! She did a great job of riding around in the stroller all day. She also got to visit Chuck E. Cheese again. She loves her jump-a-roo and the walker at daycare. She loves to cuddle up to Mommy or Daddy or almost anyone that holds her! She has so, so, so many clothes yet when you find something for $2.00 you can't pass it up...so after the shopping trip over the weekend (to Carter's store and also Cousin Burlynn's closet!) she has even more clothes!!
We also got to meet Baby Gavin this weekend!!! He is such a cutie and so tiny! You really do forget so quickly how small and fragile a newer baby is!
Enjoy the pics and please drop us a note to let us know you are keeping up with the life of Calla!

Calla says, "Hi!"

The girls at the zoo!

This is Calla right as she came up from underwater for the first time ever!! She looks a little startled, but she didn't cry!

Calla and Gavin

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Charli Ann said...

I am so jealous that you got to meet Gavin, but glad you were able to visit! He looks totally unimpressed by her cuteness and beauty! Give in a few years 

Calla is getting to be such a big girl, chill’n at the zoo – and swimming! I want to see her again! We will need to plan something so we can all get together this fall.

Thanks for keeping us updated, your site is one of my daily checks…waiting for more pictures all the time!!!!!