12 August 2007

Update 12 Aug 2007

I guess I missed our weekly update last week!!
Our daycare provider was on vacation this week so Calla got to spend some time with her grandparents. On Monday and Tuesday Grandma Karma took off of work so that she could spend some time with her. Then Tuesday night we took Calla to meet Grandma Jules and she spent the rest of the week there. Chad and I really did not get anything accomplished, but rather spent some time together...we were totally lost without her here though and really do not look forward to that again soon!!
Friday night Calla and I stayed in Deshler so that we could see Shane and Cousin Burlynn. The girls had a lot of fun playing in the pool. Calla loved to just watch everything that Burlynn was up to! Things here continue to be great and Calla is growing up so quickly. It won't be too long and she will be up and crawling! We hope that you all have a wonderful week!

Sitting in her crib before church.

Practicing her sitting!

Kisses from B!!!!

She loved being in the water!

The girls sitting so nicely...for a second!!

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Charli Ann said...

what a beautiful smile!!!

(i missed your update last week1!)