31 July 2007


It has been another fun filled week in the life of Calla! She started cereal last week and has been doing really well with that. We are still just giving her some in the evenings and she does a great job of eating it...not too many nasty faces or spitting it all over. I think that she is just matured enough at 5 months that she really knew how to swallow the cereal already!!
Over the weekend we went to Grand Island to meet up with my parents, brother and Burlynn. We were supposed to go to the water park, but of course it rained so we went to see the animals at Sundance Feed and Seed as well as play at a really cool park. We had lots of fun and have found some cool places that we hope Calla will enjoy as much as Little B did. Calla is also starting to really work on sitting up on her own. She does ok sometimes, but other times she is not focused enough and falls over. :)
Please keep Charli in your prayers as she goes in tomorrow for scans...we know that God will be there to guide her through. Drop by her website to read all about her first birthday party...it sounds like it was LOTS of fun!!

We hope that you all have a great week and leave us a note in the guest book so that we know you visited!!

Playing in her bouncy seat.

Eating some cereal!

I'm ready Mom...give me another bite!!

Practicing her sitting!

Most days this is what she would rather do...lay backwards and then roll out onto the floor!!

1 comment:

Charli Ann said...

what a doll!

"Thank Heaven for little girls" is right!!!!!

Sounds like she is doing well with her cereal, what a big girl!!!

Thank you for mentioning Charli in your post (again). We have faith that good news will come from the visit, but it is still a hard time. The love and support of friends like you is priceless in times like this.

Have you talked to Gina? I haven't, and I feel like a terrible friend. If you talk to her, please let her know I think of her ALL THE TIME!