04 July 2007

First 4th of July

Calla has had a busy last couple of days! Last night we went to Stacey and Pat's for their 3rd of July Party. Calla was really hot and did not enjoy the loud noises coming from the fireworks. Then we went to Dave and Pam's house to watch the big fireworks. Calla enjoyed that much more. The weather was much cooler down by the lake. Plus there were no loud fireworks there! She sat on Mommy's lap and watched the big fireworks reflect off the lake.
Today Calla hung out with her Daddy and I and we have spent some time in her room enjoying her new mirror. She was so adorable laying on her boppy watching the cute baby in the mirror! Tonight Grandpa and Grandma Ripp are coming over for supper so she will be plenty spoiled later on! Enjoy the new pics!!

Here she is sucking her thumb when I went to wake her up one morning! ARGH!!!

The family getting ready to go to the party!

Who is that cute baby in the mirror?

You want to take MY picture!?!?

1 comment:

Charli Ann said...

look at all the hair!!!

I am glad that you all enjoyed your first 4th of July as a family! Charli was in bed before being able to see any real fireworks - maybe next year!

have a great weekend!