26 June 2007

4 month stats

Sunday our little baby turned 4 months already!!! Wow...she is SUCH a big girl now. Yesterday she had 4 shots and one drink immunization and did well with that. This morning she had a temp and so Mommy stayed home this morning. She had her 4 month checkup also today and then this afternoon Daddy got to stay home. She was a bit grumpy and just restless so we decided we would just keep her home. In two months of daycare she has yet to be sick so we decided that we too would like to stay home and enjoy her for one day!!!

At her appointment this morning....
weight: 13lbs 11oz--55th percentile
length: 24 3/4 in--70th percentile

She is growing well! Not for sure where she gets her height, but we will take it.
Here are some pics of her on her 4 month birthday...ENJOY!

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Anonymous said...

Calla is really growing. She sits up so cute in the crib. It is easy to see that she has a good set of parents!! Keep it up...........little girls are so precious!! S. Borg