10 June 2007

Dedication Sunday

Today we had Calla Dedicated at our church and everything went really well! We had a house full of people for lunch afterwards so we had a busy weekend preparing and then hanging out with everyone! Calla wore the dress and hat that I wore when I was Baptized 26 years ago!
Burlynn definately showed Chad and I what needs to be baby proofed before Calla becomes too mobile!
This week she rolled from back to front and insists on doing it every time we lay her down now!! Watch out Mommy and Daddy!!!
Calla got some nice gifts from everyone today but we do have to say that the Animal Train is our FAVORITE!!! She likes to watch it when we make the music play...this is a must have for every baby!!! Tonight Chad and I took her to Wal-Mart and we purchased a jump-a-roo for her to play in as well...our living room seems to have been taken over by baby things. AHHHHH!! It is hard to think that only a year ago we were just finding out that we were going to have a baby and now she has totally taken over our lives and our house. I am including some pictures so you all can see how much fun we had today! Have a wonderful week!

Calla loving her jump-a-roo!

Calla and Uncle Jed

The cupcake cake!

Mommy, Daddy and Calla

Grandma, Grandpa, Burlynn and Calla

Calla getting loves from Burlynn

The whole family with Pastor Dave


Charli Ann said...

what a fun day! just wait until she rolls from back to tummy...and when she decides how much fun it is to do while getting her diaper changed, or getting dressed!!!

It has been fun to "watch" her grow up and learn new things!!

Charli Ann said...

PS...Calla (and mom & dad) looked beautiful today!

Anonymous said...

Calla is such a beautiful little girl and I can just tell how much love she is getting. Aren't babies wonderful?? Sounds like you and Chad are very good parents.
May God Bless you all as her little life unfolds. You have been blessed. S. Borg